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Subi Ghosh posted a blog post
There's one type of return on investment that most car dealers seem to be focused on. There's anoth…
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Today, one can walk into a Chevrolet dealership and order up a supercharged Camaro ZL1 that not…

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2014 Vorsteiner BMW M6 Black Sapphire.

Tyson Madliger posted a blog post
We've had some discussions internally about the idea that dealers should have social media coverage…
Feb 19
Lauren Galli posted a photo
Feb 19
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Panamera Sport Turismo

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If Acura’s changes had been entirely aesthetic, it would have been left with a pretty…

Dave Donnelly is now a member of Dealer Bar
Feb 8
Dealer Bar posted a blog post
In the car business, most of the problems that happen can be blamed on the manufacturers themselves…
Feb 5
JD Rucker posted a blog post
When you talk to most dealers and vendors about content, the standard strategy revolves around cars…
Feb 4
Dealer Bar posted a blog post
The move towards improving technology in automotive once resided in Tokyo, Detroit, and Stuttgart.…
Jan 28
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1960s McLaren Formula 2 car at Limerock Park, CT