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Dealerships: Up System or Open Sales Floor?

When it comes to the almighty quota, which sales tactic works the best for the team?  Some dealerships prefer an up system, while some prefer to have a simple open sales floor.  There are advantages to both systems, of course, but does one weigh in over another? 

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There has been a lot of hoopla over the last few days about the apparent death of organic reach on social media for businesses. The idea that has been floating around is that posts that appear to be ads are no longer going to get much exposure without ad dollars behind them. This is hitting the…

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When considering the sales style all of these aspects must be taken under advisement. Using an…

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When it comes to the almighty quota, which sales tactic works the best for the team?  Some dealersh…
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We often discuss the things that help dealers sell more cars. We look at processes and procedures i…
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