Enjoy the Chevrolet City Express When You Need a Work Van

Take a look at the Chevrolet City Express and you’ll see a work van that has the benefits of a rearview camera and Bluetooth hands-free phone connectivity.

One of the challenges with work vehicles, especially when you are a contractor and have to park your work vehicle at home, is the fact that you have to unload it when it doesn’t fit in the garage. That’s a daunting task that you don’t want to face on a daily basis.

Enter the Chevrolet City Express

In order to avoid the need to park in the driveway with all your tools and materials open and vulnerable, you need a work van that can fit in the garage with ease. The 2018 version of the Chevrolet City Express can be the right choice for you.

If you want a van that offers you a reliable way to get items where you need them to go while fitting into any city location, you’ll want to make this work van the right one for your drive. There are a large number of ways you can have this work van fitted for the tools and gear you’ll need when you have a job to do.

Lots of Room in this Work Van

This van has the open-bed feeling you want in an enclosed space to help protect your gear from damage when you take it with you. These are both extremely important qualities for the drive you’ll need to make for your business.

Not only do you have a work van that offers the tight turning radius you need, but now you can enjoy the fact this work van is built to give you the vision you need when you back up while ensuring you can keep your hands on the wheel when you get a call.

What the Chevrolet City Express Offers You

Imagine having 122.7 cubic feet of cargo area in the work van that fits inside your garage. That’s what you’ll have with the City Express from Chevy.

This van can be perfect to haul some boxes or wood pallets and it can be fitted with shelves and carriers for the tools you need with you. If you choose the 1LT trim, the Technology Package is available to offer you the connectivity of Bluetooth audio streaming, hands-free smartphone integration, a navigation system, SiriusXM satellite radio, and a USB port.

Put this Van to Work Today

Let your workday be much easier for you by making the right choice in the vehicle you need to drive. With the Chevrolet City Express, you can have a work van that allows you to park the van in your garage with the materials you need for the next day. This impressive vehicle can be right for you to have the drive you’re looking for as you go about your day getting the work done that will make this vehicle the best tool you’ve found to help you when you have to head out on the road.

Come in and see your nearby Chevrolet dealer to pick out the right City Express for you to drive.

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