A Better Kia EV Model is Coming Soon

A Better Kia EV Model is Coming Soon


Over the past several years, the Kia Soul has been a hatchback that we’ve admired for its fun and funky style that gives us the features and qualities we want to enjoy when it’s time to head out for a drive. While this car has an admirable style, it’s also one that delivers impressive efficiency and allows us to have the drive we need when on a tight budget that won’t open up to a larger model or paying more for gas. One way you could have the Kia Soul and pay the least for gas was with the Kia Soul EV model.


What’s Been Holding the Kia Soul Back?

The unfortunate aspect of the Kia Soul for the 2017 model year was the range it offered for the drive. An EV needs to make sure we can have enough range to drive on a daily basis to wherever we need to go. The Kia Soul EV for 2018 has been improved to give you more range without adding any weight or a larger battery pack to the mix. The range has increased by twenty percent to reach the level of 111 miles on a full charge, which might be enough for you to enjoy the drive every day.

Doesn’t Kia have Another EV on the Way?

Yes, Kia is where you’re going to find the 2019 Niro EV that will arrive by the end of the year, which is also a hatchback that’s offered as an EV model. This EV will arrive with a range that’s nearly as much as the 238 miles the concept model had when it arrived at various shows this past year. Having more than one Kia EV model in the barn that occupies a similar space seems to be overkill, but Kia doesn’t see it that way and expects both models to be enticing to different crowds. For the customer who wants to have an inexpensive commuter mode that can get the job done every day, the Kia Soul EV will be the right choice. For the rest of you who have been looking at some of the other long-range EV models that have entered the market, the Niro EV will be the right choice. This gives you a great pair of choices that can be made for the drive desired that can fill the needs you have when you’re looking for the vehicle that can take care of your daily driving desires.

The new Soul EV has a battery pack that has an increased capacity that went from 27 kWh to 30 kWh with the improvements in the density of this battery pack. This increase resulted in a minuscule increase in the weight of the car which is only 27 pounds compared to the 2017 model. If you’re looking for an impressive small car that makes use of battery power and offers you the fun and funky style you want, the Soul EV has what you’re looking for and the increased range makes it a vehicle that can handle your daily commute.

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