The Next Explorer ST Model from Ford is Out Testing

It seems like Ford is purposely showing off the new Ford Explorer for us to see what we will have for the future of driving in this SUV.

That’s good news for us because we’ve seen both the police and civilian types of the Ford Explorer that will be offered starting in 2020. One version of this SUV that will offer the power and sporty feeling we want to enjoy on the road is the Explorer ST, and it has finally been seen in some spy shots.

What Can We Surmise about the Explorer

Starting with a quick glimpse of the new Ford Explorer ST, we see that it has a black mesh grille and a bright red ST badge in the corner. Although the SUV in the spy shots was covered by the camouflage of black and white swirls, we can see that it has large and wide wheels and tires, black-painted roof bars, smoked headlights, and taillights, and a strong stance. Otherwise, this SUV appears to carry some of the same attributes as the rest of the Explorer lineup for the drive we want to enjoy.

Expect a Special Powertrain

Thankfully, Ford hasn’t chosen to leave the sporty attributes of its SUV line to just the styling offered. The rumor mill allows us to ponder the idea that the new Explorer ST might have 400 horsepower. This is actually an easy transition for this SUV because the Lincoln Aviator, which shares a platform with the Explorer, will have 400 ponies pounding from under the hood. With that in mind, we should see the 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged V6 engine giving us this power number and 400 lb.-ft. of torque as well, making this the most powerful Explorer model to date.

The Right Shift Feature

When the Ford Explorer ST arrives to give us the power we want, hopefully, the expectation is that the engine will be attached to a ten-speed automatic transmission to give us the shift mapping we want to see and can easily admire. This powertrain setup should be capable of supporting both RWD and AWD for the drive desired on the road. Most likely, you’re going to want to choose the AWD version if you’re looking for a great way to head out on the road and have the sporty fun and controls you want to enjoy.

When will we see the Explorer ST?

The new 2020 version of the Ford Explorer ST is scheduled to be shown off at the Detroit Auto Show that will take place in the early part of next month. Once we see the new sporty version of the Explorer offered for our enjoyment, we can learn all we want about the powertrain, the features offered, and the qualities this SUV will bring to the market. Until then, we can only wonder what’s going to be found under the hood and what the interior of this vehicle will look like.

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