Making the Volkswagen GTI Even More Fun


The team at Volkswagen has a fantastic reason to celebrate as a new concept model has been unveiled which is nearly ready for production. This new car is the GTI TCR and it was shown off at the concept show at Lake Worth to give us a look at the performance that we can expect in a hot hatch that’s been made even hotter to be the right way for you to have a lot of fun if you’re ready to head out on the road and enjoy the fun offered.

Right now, the VW Golf GTI TCR is a concept, but it’s nearly ready to be put into production and offered to the public. This is a small car that will certainly give other hot hatch models a run for their money with the quoted power of 286 horsepower and 273 lb.-ft. of torque at 1,600 rpm. This has to be the lowest rpm for the max power to be delivered in any car that’s not an EV model and it will ensure we can have a lot more fun on the track to experience what a quick and agile car can do.

Looking Deeper at This new VW Concept

The transmission that’s expected to be used to deliver the power to the wheels is the standard seven-speed DSG dual clutch automatic transmission and a limited slip differential will make it easy to have the qualities you need on the road. This is a car that will be limited to 155 mph for the drive, but the VW team has stated that when the limiter is removed this is a car that has been tested and reached 164 mph to be one of the fastest hot hatches on the track and certainly a car we should pay attention to.

The wheels of the new GTI TCR are right for the car and a set of perforated disc brakes with special calipers and pads have been designed specifically for this car. There’s also a new front bumper that will feed more air into the additional radiators of the TCR. Underneath you can see a contoured front splitter that moves the air under the car while a new diffusor handles the exit of the air from the underside to help keep this car on the track for the fast ride you’re looking for.

You can certainly expect the interior to be fitted with sports seats that have a special microfiber fabric. This new look uses a red motif which is included in the stitching of the seat, steering wheel, and shifter knob. When you open the doors, you’ll be reminded this is the TCR because the letters are projected on the ground for you from the puddle lights that are included. The new VW GTI TCR is going to be a model that we want to drive and certainly will be a big hit for VW once it makes it through production and is ready to be sold; hopefully, some of them will make it to the US.

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