The Winning Focus of Alfa Romeo

Not long ago, Alfa Romeo wasn’t offered in the US market at all. This brand had been offered in the past but with the exception of a limited single-year offering of the 8C, this brand was gone from the automotive landscape in North America. Thankfully, the 4C was created and it brought the brand back to the North American market which allowed the brand to bring the Giulia and the Stelvio to the market to be offered as models that we can enjoy with the family today. Now that Alfa Romeo has found a foothold again, you might wonder what’s made this brand successful.

A Focus that Doesn’t Create Losses

The goal of Alfa Romeo isn’t to offer models that take over the landscape above some of the others, but to be a brand that can allow others to win while they win. The goal of this Italian luxury brand has to do with driving dynamics and not on taking over an entire segment. This means the Alfa Romeo models are completely different in their application than the Mercedes-Benz models and similar to what BMW offers while different with a singular focus that makes sense.

Excellent Performance with Alfa Badging

In their base forms, the Stelvio and Giulia are both models that offer an amazing drive without the massive amount of power that you can sometimes find in the luxury performance market. If you do choose to drive the Quadrifoglio versions of either of these vehicles, you’re going to find the bone-crushing acceleration and precision that will get you excited. The reason that the base models and the upscale versions both feel great on the road is the fact that the same platform and technology is used to give you the driving dynamics you want regardless of the power level you choose.

Limited Availability with Success

Currently, Alfa Romeo only operates 170 dealerships in North America. By tempering the expectations to realize they aren’t going to compete with mainstream brands that have 2,500 or 3,000 dealerships around the market, the Alfa Romeo team has seen impressive sales growth over the past couple of years. November showed an impressive increase for the brand with a growth of 36 percent while the annual increase for the first eleven months of the year was 119 percent, which does translate to only 22,000 models for this company.

Another Alfa on the Way

While still unconfirmed, there have been rumors of a new supercar being built by the Alfa Romeo team which could arrive in the near future. We might see a new version of the 8C being offered to give us a look at a car that will make our jaws fall to the floor and give us the amazing performance and drive that will tear up the track. At the very least, this new car will be an exotic thrill machine that will be worth waiting for. If it follows the history of the brand, we’re going to fall in love right away and want to take it for a drive as often as possible.

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