The Buick Encore is a Bubble of Happiness

When you look at the small size of the Buick Encore, it should remind you of a bubble with its shape. There’s nothing but happiness allowed when you think about how the Encore will give you the drive and the qualities you’re looking for when you take it out on the road for a drive. While the Encore has a distinct shape on the outside when you step in the cabin you’re going to find the premium materials and features that make a huge difference to you for your drive.

Getting More in the Buick Encore

When you move up to some of the higher trims, you’ll find more of the features you want including LED headlights, heated seats, Bose audio, automatic windshield wipers, and some of the advanced safety tech that you want. There are six different trims offered in the Buick Encore that you can choose from to find the right price and feature package for you to have the drive you want. This is an SUV that fits into the market as the premium compact model that you want to experience on the roads that you travel on a daily basis.

The Updates You’ll See

The Buick Encore has been updated with only a few items to make it a bit better for you. These items include a capless fuel filter, a new color, HD radio, and an ionizing interior air cleaner. While those are the standard upgrades, the optional improvements are even more impressive with the engine stop/start technology that can give you even better fuel mileage for the 1.4-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine that will be made with an aluminum block instead of iron to make the vehicle a little lighter than it was in the past. This little SUV is capable of giving you up 27 city/33 hwy mpg with this feature added to the engine.

Bringing it All Together

What does it mean to drive the Buick Encore? This small SUV has an active and energetic powertrain that brings you the efficiency you want for the drive. Inside, you’ve got an advanced cabin with the technology, features, and comfort that will be right for you on the road. When you take a look at the outside of the Encore, you see a bubble shape, but this upright shape makes it a more useful build for the roominess found in the cabin.

Find the Small Buick Encore that’s Right for You

If you want to have the right small SUV to drive and you’re looking for the premium features offered by Buick, the Encore will be the right choice for you. Visit your nearby Buick dealership and ask about the different trim levels that you can choose from in this SUV. You’ll love to take this model out for a drive and experience the active and dynamic drive offered. Find the right trim for your bubble of happiness that you’ll want to drive and enjoy every day.

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