FCA Is Taking Ride-Sharing Farther than Ever

One of the most important aspects of ride-sharing and self-driving technology in cars is the ability for vehicles to be connected.

When all vehicles are eventually connected to each other via a system of networks that will make it easy for your car to communicate with others that are on the road, we can feel safer and more confident in the connection offered. Soon, we should see more tech being used to connect vehicles, but the FCA family has decided they will use advanced technology that comes from a name you know and admire.

A Partnership that Continues

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that FCA will make use of the Alphabet Inc. Google and Samsung technology to connect all vehicles through the use of technology by 2022. The Google team has used Chrysler Pacifica minivans for the Waymo self-driving and ride-sharing programs for the past few years to develop the tech needed to make sure we can have a ride in a vehicle that doesn’t require a driver at all. Now, the FCA team will benefit from the partnership with the addition of the technology that will spell out the future of car sharing and self-driving.

A Global Application for FCA

The Fiat Chrysler team will use the Google Android operating system globally instead of using a mixture of software that varies by region. There will be a cloud-based digital platform that’s created from the Samsung Electronics Co. to help us have the right mix and the features that make the most sense when a vehicle is connected to this system. With this new global application, every region of the world could adopt similar guidance and regulations in order to help everyone have a safer drive when vehicles are connected for ride-sharing information.

A Bargain for FCA

Because the FCA team partnered with Google to provide the Waymo minivans that were tested in the Southwest, the use of this new technology and the development of it will cost them next to nothing. This is one of the main benefits of this partnership. While other automakers are spending millions of dollars to develop the systems and the technology needed to have self-driving vehicles, FCA has had a strong partner that is the global leader in the technology sector to develop and create the technology needed to make it possible.

New Capabilities Coming Soon

The first wave of the new technology that will be offered will arrive in the second half of this year. This new system will help owners of FCA vehicles by predicting the maintenance needs, locating fuel and charging stations, and receiving traffic prompt and restaurant offers to bring the customer service and information to you in your car. This is an important part of what makes advancements in technology an important part of what makes a lot of sense for us to have the added benefits of technology that will connect our vehicles to a cloud-based system that will help you have the right vehicle to drive from FCA.

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