How Your Mobile Page Speed Score Affects Car Sales

How Your Mobile Page Speed Score Affects Car Sales

Mobile + Sales

Mobile browsing accounts for more than half of all web traffic these days, according to Google. It’s important to understand and optimize your website for mobile because your customers will likely find you first on mobile before making a visit to your dealership. Mobile makes browsing and shopping easier and more convenient than desktop browsing and shopping. Now, what happens if your mobile site takes a long time to load? You can wave those customers goodbye because if they have to spend more than three or four seconds waiting for a web page to load, they’ll be heading back to the search results and checking out your competition instead. Sales rely on customer acquisition, and one way to improve that is by making your webpages on mobile load fast.

Page Load Times

People’s attention spans flicker quickly, so if your webpages on mobile are taking longer than a few seconds to load, you’re losing potential customers who will go to a competitor’s site that does load quickly. Customers also want immediate gratification, so it’s imperative your webpages on mobile can keep up with their demands. You have just under three seconds to capture someone’s attention and have them explore your website before they abandon all hope and hit the back button. Since you now know that more than half of all web traffic happens on mobile, you want to make sure you’re capturing your customers during their peak browsing and interest periods. If you’re unsure if your website has a slow loading speed on mobile or not, you can log onto your Adwords account and test your mobile speed score using Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test. Take advantage of these free and easy to use tools to improve your website.

Utilizing Mobile Technologies

When optimizing your website for desktop viewing you relied on tips and tricks to help your website perform its best. Now, it’s time to make sure you’re optimizing your website for mobile viewing too. Depending on what analytic tracking program you’re using, they may or may not also include mobile analytics to help you see how much of your audience is visiting your site on a mobile device. This data can also tell you how long they spend before bouncing (or leaving) your webpage. It’s important to be aware of your mobile audience and make sure your content is quickly accessible. People are using their mobile devices to make purchases because the process is simple and people like things that don’t require unnecessary work. Along with this analytics, it’s important to make your pages fit into AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) guidelines. When your website is AMP optimized, your website will load immensely faster than before.

Fight for Mobile

If you’re managing your dealer’s websites and ads fight for optimizing your webpages on mobile. It’s a must in today’s ever-competitive society. People are very busy and they want to shop for cars as easily as they shop for anything else. If your website takes ages to load, chances are you’ve already lost their attention and they may not want to stick around to see your inventory. Investing in a quality website that has quick page load speeds on mobile and easily gives customers the information they’re seeking is well worth it because these customers could turn into sales. If you brush off mobile optimization as unimportant then you’re also saying goodbye to potential sales. Take advantage of the resources online that you may or may not already be using. Make the case for faster mobile page speeds and start seeing a positive change in car sales.

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