The Car That Brought Alfa Romeo Back

There was a time, not too long ago, when you couldn’t purchase a new Alfa Romeo car in the US. This exotic brand had been mired by slow sales and had pulled out of the market to mitigate financial losses. Thankfully, the Alfa Romeo team came up with a car that entered our imagination and became a reality of driving. The Alfa Romeo 4C is a sports car that brought back the cutting edge driving with qualities that remind you of what it was like to drive a sports car from several decades in the past.

The 4C Engages You During the Drive

The Alfa Romeo 4C is all about going fast, rounding corners, and giving you the feeling that you haven’t had in a modern car. This is a car that pleases purists and new drivers alike with a quality that makes it the perfect car for fun and dynamic driving on the roads and at the track. Currently, the 4C is only offered in the Spider model, which is a convertible model, making it a sports car that allows you to feel the wind in your hair and the feeling you want when the sun is shining.

What You’ll find in this Alfa Romeo Sports Car

When you look at the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider, you’ll find a hand-built lightweight sports car that offers you the drive you’re after. You’ll love the rapid acceleration, precision handling, and exotic appearance offered to give you the style and feeling you love. You could find one of the limited models which are the 4C Spider Italia model, you’ll love the Misano Blue Metallic exterior color, and see gorgeous Piano Black front air intake and rear diffuser. Every model has a production number plate mounted to the center console to give you the number of information you’ll want to show off.

Step Inside for Fun in the 4C Spider

You’ll find a cabin that’s easy to admire while being sparse when you take a drive in the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider. This car has controls for a few functions including climate and audio, it has two seats, and you’ll find a few materials that you admire, but not much else. The build of the 4C is made to ensure you have a car that has a lightweight feeling and offers the performance you want. You will see an impressive touchscreen for the infotainment system and small area to carry a bag behind the engine, but that’s about all.

Sharp Design Elements from Alfa Romeo

The outside of the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider is the sports car that you see in your dreams. This car has the gorgeous lines you don’t find in any other car and it absolutely oozes Italian exotic style that makes it perfect for you to drive. No matter where you go, the low profile, amazing curves, and powerful build of this car will turn heads and make it easy for you to show it off to the world around you.

Features You’ll Love in the 4C

You’ll find a shortlist of items that are part of the Alfa Romeo 4C. This car gives you what you need for the drive but leaves out items that would add weight to the mix. You’ll be glad to have the benefits of air conditioning, power windows, a seven-inch color gauge cluster, a four-speaker Alpine audio system. Bluetooth connectivity, and a USB port. You’ll have a DNA selector to choose from four different driving modes to give you the aggressiveness of the ride to make sure you have the feeling you want to enjoy.

More in this Alfa Romeo Sports Car

You’ll be glad to know that the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider does bring you safety features that you want to enjoy when you drive. You’ll have a rearview camera, cruise control, rear parking sensors, and several airbags to keep you safe in this car. You’ll only find a few options for this car to become the car that you want to drive. You can have a higher-end Alpine audio system, a race-tuned suspension, carbon-fiber aesthetics, bi-xenon headlights, and an Akropovic exhaust system.

The 4C Spider is Exclusively Impressive

You won’t find any other cars in the market that look nearly as stylish, sporty, or as impressive as the Alfa Romeo 4C. This car is one that shows up at less than 2,500 pounds to give you a 10:4 power to weight ratio. This is achieved with the carbon-fiber monocoque which is where you’ll sit when you take this car for a drive. Admire the style, enjoy the looks, and make the right drive in the Alfa Romeo 4C that has the experience you want when you’re ready to take this sports car out on the roads or to the track for some fun.

A Singular Power Option for this Alfa Romeo

Every version of the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider brings you the power and the feeling you want when you get behind the wheel. This car uses a 1.7-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine to offer you the right power when you drive. You’ll have 237 horsepower and 258 lb.-ft. of torque. This might not sound like a lot of power, but its plenty to get things done. You’ll have a six-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission to handle the shifting and the efficiency of 24 city/34 hwy mpg when you enjoy what this sports car has for you.

Make the 4C Spider the Right Car

When you’re looking for a car that lacks practicality but offers a massive level of fun, the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider can easily become the car that has everything you’re looking for. This amazing car is the one that brought Alfa Romeo back to the US market to become a sports car that we love to take out for a drive. Its time for you to have a car that’s exotic and fun; visit your local Alfa Romeo dealer and check out the 4C today.

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