Amazon is Joining Ford to Bring Delivery to a Smart Crowd

We love the movement of technology and how it makes our lives easier and more convenient. With the use of the tech and electronics that we have at our fingertips today, we couldn’t even think of a time when computers weren’t a part of daily living. No one wants to go backward and live at a time when ice and milk were delivered or when horses pulled a plow in the field that grows the food. The more complicated and convenient our lives have become, the more ways other people can take advantage of us. Amazon and Ford are teaming up to bring Amazon delivery services to a vehicle near you to keep your packages safe and sound.

Amazon Delivery Services Expand to Ford

One of the largest problems with package delivery in the world we live in is those packages that get left on the porch are targets for thieves. Even with security cameras and advanced doorbells, many people, especially during the holidays, have had packages stolen right off their front porches. A solution was presented not long ago called Amazon Key. This system allows a delivery person to enter your home or car to drop off the package, making it possible for your package to be safe and secure and Ford is now part of the brands that offer this service.

A Few Brands with Amazon Key Availability

Previously, Volvo and GM announced the addition of Amazon Key to the list of features you can enjoy when it’s time for you to have packages delivered to your vehicle. This feature will now be made available for Ford models that are from 2017 or newer that are equipped with the FordPass Connect feature. Lincoln will also be part of the mix with 2018 or newer Lincoln models that have the Lincoln Connect feature as part of the features. This expansion makes it possible for you to have your packages brought right to your vehicle.

Limited Availability

The Amazon Key isn’t offered for every city in the country, but it is offered in dozens of cities throughout the US and the network is expanding. Now that it’s expanding for the models of the vehicles that packages can be delivered to, more customers can take advantage of this feature. Customers who take advantage of the Amazon Key service will have status updates that will allow you to know when your package is put into your car and that your car has been locked once again.

Set Up Amazon Key for Your Ford

If you have a qualifying Ford or Lincoln vehicle from your Ford dealer, you’ll want to set up the feature and let it be how you get your Amazon packages throughout the year. This is a feature that requires a one-time setup on your smart devices. You’ll have the option to select in-car delivery during the checkout process and input a public address where your vehicle will be parked in order to allow the Amazon package to be dropped into your vehicle for you. Let this be the feature that’s added to the mix to be an easy way to keep your packages safe and secure in your Ford vehicle.


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