Ram is Building Stand-Alone Dealerships

Shop for one of the four main FCA brands, Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, or Ram, and you find all four brands being offered at one dealership.

Sometimes Fiat is even added to the list to be a place where you can find up to five different brands. While this has been an excellent business model for FCA in the past, the fact that Ram trucks are becoming more popular and are what we see as one of the main brands that offer the sales the company is looking for, it makes sense to offer more trucks from dealerships.

How Can More Trucks Be Available for Sale?

Even though most FCA dealerships offer several brands under one roof, in order to capitalize on the maximum sales that can be experienced for one brand, that brand needs its own dealership location. This is what FCA is doing with the Ram brand right now. In fact, the largest US dealership was recently opened in Lancaster, California to give FCA a large base of sales for the trucks and vans in the area. This means the people of Southern California will be able to buy a vehicle easily.

More than $10 million was invested to develop this 40,000 square-foot facility and make it possible to have seven acres of Ram vehicles that are being sold by the seventy employees of the dealership. This new dealership is called HW Hunter Ram of the West Truck Center and it was just opened on September 7 of this year. The massive number of models that can be offered at this dealership makes it possible to have the truck you want to drive today without having to wait to order the features and qualities that you’re looking for in the truck you want to drive.

Part of a Multiyear Strategy for Ram

The opening of the Ram of the West Truck Center is just the beginning for FCA. The company expects to open more stand-alone Ram dealerships in select markets around the country. Since becoming its own brand, Ram has shown significant sales growth in the past decade and with the introduction of the new Ram 1500, the sales have escalated even more. The current Ram 1500 Classic and the new Ram 1500 will be sold side by side at this facility to make it easy for anyone to have the perfect truck for what they need to get done.

A Full-Service Location for Ram

Not only will this new Ram of the West Truck Center allow FCA to expand the models around the country at stand-alone locations, and the service center is built to offer the maintenance needed for these larger vehicles. This new dealership is also poised to meet the needs of fleet managers and commercial customers with the service and programs that can be offered. Hopefully, this will be the first of many truck centers around the country and there will be one near your home in the near future to make it even easier for you to have the truck you want to drive.

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