Tax Deductible Car Donations that Bring Hope and Joy

Let your old car become a new one for someone else by making one of the tax deductible car donations to the Newgate School.
This school is a special place where the next generation of automotive technicians are being trained. Not only will you give these students more tools to work with when you donate your old car, but you’ll also allow this school to make good use of your old car.

Do you Have a Car You Aren’t Driving?

Why did you keep that old car? Unless you’re hanging onto it for posterity sake or because your parents gave it to you and there are a lot of memories, you might want to donate the old car. When you’re not worried about selling the car you don’t drive, you can allow it to become a car that is used by someone else who needs it.

Encourage Vocational Training at the Newgate School

How does making one of the tax deductible car donations to the Newgate school encourage vocational training? This school is designed to train low-income adults who want to learn a trade and be trained to be the next generation of automotive technicians. Your car will be used in several ways to support this school and make sure these students can gain the training needed.

Your Car is Turned into a Training Tool

When you donate a car to the Newgate School, the students of the school are going to work on it at some point. Even if the car is in good working order, these students will perform the necessary maintenance, inspect the vehicle, and make sure it can be used as a car that someone else can drive. This is a great way for these students to learn and do what they’re going to be doing when they enter the working world.

Just Because Your Old Car Doesn’t Run, Doesn’t Mean it’s Not Useful

Even when the car you want to donate no longer runs, the students and staff at the Newgate School can make use of it. They can try and figure out what’s wrong with the car and make it work again or they can learn why it stopped working and know how to advise future customers against allowing the same things to happen to their vehicles.

Tax Deductible Car Donations are Donated

Consider it regifting if you want, but when you donate a car to the Newgate School and it works well, it might be donated farther to another person. The Newgate School is one of the members of the Wheels for Women program. Once the car is deemed drivable and has been fully inspected, it can be given to this program to be donated.

What is the Wheels for Women Program?

The Wheels for Women program is designed to bring donated vehicles to single mothers in the area. Your old car could be in the driveway of a single mother who was without a car and a way to get her kids to school, the doctor, or get herself to work. Your old car will make a huge difference to one of these mothers when they receive it and start to drive.

Some Cars are Sold at Auction

Some of the tax deductible car donations that are brought to the Newgate School are put up for auction and sold. Many of these cars are sold at prices that are well below the market value of the car, which means the buyer is receiving a car at a discount rate and the school is binging in money.

Why Does the Newgate School Need this Money?

Since it first began in 1982, the Newgate School has been self-sustaining and never charges a student anything for tuition. This is why low-income adults are able to attend this school and know they can complete the training needed to become the next generation of automotive technicians. Your car donation can make a huge difference in the training and education these adults receive as they begin a new career.

Make One of the Tax Deductible Car Donations and Make a Difference

Your old car doesn’t have to sit in your driveway and collect dust and rust while never being used. That old car could be turned into a tax certificate for you and make a difference to students and families around the area. Make one of the tax deductible car donations to the Newgate School and let this school use your car to give hope, education, and joy to others.

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