Enjoy Some Drifting in the New Genesis G70

When it comes to drifting, you might not think of a luxury car as the one you want to drive, but the Genesis team is adding this to the G70.

While this new version of the G70, which will be offered for the next model year, is going to carry the same engines as before, it’s being improved for more driving pleasure. The new Genesis face will be present along with several sporty features to make the drive better.

Looking at the Corporate Face of the G70

To call the new front-end design of the Genesis G70 a corporate design might sound a bit insulting, but this car will follow the design qualities of the larger models in the brand. This means it will have a quad-bar headlight presentation, narrow strips at the inner edges of these headlights, and angular side vents behind the front wheels. The rear of the car shows the license plate down at the bumper level to give the trunk a cleaner look to it.

Upgrades to the Colors and Technology

The Genesis G70 will offer you at least 14 colors to select from when the 2022 model arrives. Some names you might see are Tasman Blue and Bond Silver. The cabin area of this car has been improved with better technology. You’ll see a 10.25-inch infotainment screen that will feature over-the-air updates to keep your system at the newest level. The wireless charger is better than before and a built-in dashcam is part of the options you can choose.

The Power is What You Want to Discuss in the Genesis G70

The power and drive you enjoy in the G70 is really what you want to discuss. The engines are the same as before with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine and a 3.3-liter V6, both with turbocharging, to give you the power you’re after. You won’t see a manual transmission offered any longer, which is probably a good thing for this car.

Yes, You Can Drift this Car

The most talked-about upgrade to the Genesis G70 is the fact that the 2022 model will have a drift mode. To have this, you need to select the V6 engine and the Sports Package. This will give you a variable-valve exhaust which sounds amazing and AWD that has a dedicated drift mode. If you’re looking for a way to toss this car around and let it slide with some degree of control, this will be the version of the G70 that you want to enjoy.

Get Ready for More Genesis G70 Discussions

We will see more standard safety features in the G70 including a smart navigation-based cruise control feature, safe exit assist, and lane following assistance. If you’re thinking this car could be the one you want to drive and experience every day, you’ll be pleased to see the 2022 model when it arrives at your nearby Genesis dealership later this year. You can expect we will have more information and discuss all the details when we have them.

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