3 Reasons You Should Consider a Used Toyota Tacoma

If you keep a close eye on the road, you’ll notice tons of used Toyota Tacoma trucks cruising around. This truck has a solid reputation.

If you’re in the market for a used truck, the Tacoma is a fantastic option. Here are three reasons why you should consider making a used Toyota Tacoma your next pick up truck:

1. Lighter On Your Wallet

There’s no denying that new trucks come with a substantial sticker price. While that new car smell may be worth every penny, spending $40,000 plus on a new truck just isn’t in the budget for every driver. Moreover, those who plan on putting their trucks to work may not want to beat up their flawless pick-up right away.

New vehicles depreciate rather quickly. In the first year of owning your new truck, it’s worth exponentially less than what you paid for it. Pre-owned trucks have a more stable line of depreciation. When you buy used, you let someone else deal with the most significant loss in value.

On top of having a lower sticker price, used trucks are going to cost less across the board. Things like insurance, taxes, and even registration in some areas will come at a wonderful discount when compared to a new option.

2. More Reliable and Durable Than Ever

Modern trucks are made to be more reliable than they were in the past. That means a used Toyota Tacoma with a few miles on it still has plenty of life left. It used to be that a truck with 100k miles on it was closer to retirement. In today’s world, 100k miles is practically a toddler in truck years.

When you consider Toyota’s reliability ratings and reputation for vehicles that practically last forever, you don’t have to worry about buying a lemon. This is especially true now that most dealerships offer vehicle history reports, so you can know exactly where your truck has been and how it was maintained.

The other thing to consider is durability. In some cases, auto manufacturers move to lighter-weight materials to build their new trucks. This kind of construction helps with elements like fuel efficiency and maximum speeds. At the same time, a new aluminum frame may not have the same durability as an all-steel frame from the past.

3. Used Doesn’t Mean Out of Style

Sometimes we think of used vehicles like they were discarded for being out of style or simply too old to be on the road. Sure, there may be some older options available at your local dealership. These may even be great workhorses since they come at a great price and have already been worn in for the job.

You can find a used Toyota Tacoma that is still relatively new. If avoiding an ancient Tacoma is important to you, check out a certified pre-owned option. CPO Tacoma trucks have to pass an intensive inspection and meet strict criteria to sell under this title. You can find a truck that is practically new but still comes with the benefits of buying used.

Whether you’re exploring your options for a truck or know you must have a Tacoma, stop by your local Toyota dealer and check out their selection of used Toyota Tacoma pickups. Drive a superior truck and save.

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