Can the Dodge Journey be the SUV That You Want to Drive?

When it comes to the Dodge Journey, this is an important question to answer. You’ll want to weigh the pros and cons of this SUV.

This SUV is highly affordable and it gives you enough seats for seven people. When seven people are inside, it’s tight and doesn’t have much in the way of cargo room. This is just a taste of what you need to consider with the Journey.

You Won’t Find a Lot of Driver Aids in the Journey

Even though this SUV is part of the modern lineup, it’s not a model that Dodge has given a list of advanced driver aids. Of course, if you don’t want a bunch of electronic nannies you might be happy with only having a rearview camera and rear parking sensors to help you on the road.

Enjoy the Spacious Cabin of this SUV

The Dodge Journey does have an interior that has been well-planned to give your family a great drive. The second and third rows have reclining seats and you can easily reach the third row from both sides of the vehicle. You’ll find a ton of cubbies and cupholders to make sure everyone can have their items with them when out on the road.

The Cargo Area of the Dodge Journey Expands for You

Yes, there is only 10.17 cubic feet of space behind the third row, which is tight and small. When you fold this row down, you’ll have 37 cubic feet of room for your gear and 67.6 cubic feet when you fold the second row of seats down. That’s a lot of space and it makes carrying stuff home easy for you. There’s also an in-floor compartment in the second row to give you more room when you have passengers along for the ride.

You May Want More Power from the Engine

No matter which version of the Dodge Journey you drive, you’ll only have a four-cylinder engine. This engine does provide you with good fuel mileage and adequate acceleration but it doesn’t offer the same punch that you would find when you have a V6 engine under the hood.

The Technology is Easy to Use

Enjoy the usefulness of the Uconnect infotainment system that gives you the connectivity you want to enjoy. If you have a base model of this Dodge SUV you’ll have a 4.3-inch touchscreen but the upgraded model gives you the 8.4-inch screen that you really want when you drive. Get connected and let this system give you the benefits of what you want when you take a drive.

Add a Rear Entertainment System to Your Dodge Journey

If you have kids that you’re going to take with you, the rear entertainment system can be useful to you. This system gives you a nine-inch flip-down screen for the second row to make it easy to play movies, play video games, and keep everyone entertained during the drive. Let your drive become much quieter when you have this feature included in the Journey you drive.

You Won’t Find AWD Offered for this SUV

Forget the drive on the trails or the desire to have better traction in bad weather, the Dodge Journey does not have AWD on any model. You will have an efficient FWD setup that will help you save money on gas, but you will not have the added benefits that AWD can bring. This may be something you need to seriously consider when looking for the right SUV to drive.

Standard Trailer Sway Control is Part of the Mix

Maybe this is a bit of an enigma, but the Dodge Journey does have standard trailer sway control to give you the control you need when you pull up to 1,000 pounds behind this SUV. You’ll be glad to take the toys and gear you want to with you when you’re ready to take this SUV out for a drive to your favorite weekend destination.

Add the Benefits of the Touring Suspension to Your Drive

You’ll be glad to have the benefits of the standard fully independent suspension with MacPherson front struts and a multilink suspension in the rear, but you might want to upgrade this area of your vehicle. You can have a more athletic ride with the touring suspension. You’ll have enhanced responsiveness and a firmer ride in the Journeywhen you have this suspension offering the feeling you want when you drive.

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