You’ll Love the Drive You Find in the Honda HR-V EX-L

The smallest crossover in the Honda lineup can be had with a high degree of quality features when you choose the Honda HR-V EX-L.

The EX-L trim might be familiar to you, it’s been used many times by Honda across several models. Typically, this trim only means you get leather seats, but in recent years, it has come to mean much more than that.

This SUV Set a Benchmark

When the HR-V came into the market several years ago, it quickly set the precedent for all other subcompact crossover SUVs to try and match. This small vehicle competes in a class with the Hyundai Kona, Toyota C-HR, Mazda CX-30, and Nissan Kicks. Can you think of another model in this class you’d rather drive than the Honda HR-V? We didn’t think so and we know you’re making the right choice by going with the Honda.

A Lot to Love in a Small Vehicle

Driving the Honda HR-V EX-L means you’re giving yourself the qualities that make this Honda the right one to take out for a drive. This is a versatile and roomy SUV that feels great when you’re on the road. You’ll have the benefits of excellent fuel mileage during your drive and know that you have the safety that comes from the Honda Sensing suite of features. Because it’s a Honda, this is a reliable SUV that gives you the resale value you’re looking for.

Trim-Specific Items

The EX-L trim is the top model for the HR-V and it comes with five items that are specific to this trim. These items are:

• Leather-wrapped steering wheel
• Leather-wrapped shift knob
• Leather upholstery
• Self-dimming rearview mirror
• 180-watt audio system

These five items build on the foundation that comes from the lower three trims.

What Comes from the Lower Trims?

The Honda HR-V EX-L wouldn’t be much at all with the trim-specific items. Thankfully, those items are simply the cherries on top of this sundae. Items that come to you from lower trims include:

• Heated front seats
• Automatic climate control
• Heated side mirrors
• Keyless entry
• Push-button starting
• Honda Sensing Safety Suite
• 7-inch infotainment screen
• Apple CarPlay
• Android Auto
• Fog lights
• Roof rails
• Bluetooth
• 60/40 split-folding rear Magic Seat
• 17-inch alloy wheels
• Multi-angle rearview camera system

With this impressive list of items, you can easily see how this little SUV is one that gives you the driving experience and features that you want when you’re out on the road.

The HR-V Brings You the Safety You Deserve

It’s been mentioned a couple of times, and you should know what’s included in the Honda Sensing Safety Suite. This package of safety features gives you collision and road departure mitigation, adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assistance, and the Honda LaneWatch feature which gives you a passenger-side camera to show you vehicles that are in your blind spot when you turn on your signal.

Leather is Everywhere in this SUV

The Honda HR-V EX-L brings you leather for the steering wheel, shift knob, and seats. You’ll be pleased to have this much leather in the cabin and know that you’ve got the surfaces and materials that make you smile when you drive. You’ll feel great when you’re behind the wheel of this small and active SUV.

You Won’t be Blinded During Your Drive

With a self-dimming rearview mirror included in the package, the bright lights of other cars behind you won’t blind you or make you have to turn away when the lights hit your mirror. You won’t have to flip the mirror up or down, it does this for you and makes it easy for you to see and maintain your visibility at night.

A Better Sound System in the EX-L

You do have to go all the way up to the Honda HR-V EX- L model to have the benefits of a 180-watt sound system that can give you the clear sounds you’re sure to love during your drive. With this sound system, the small area inside this vehicle will be turned into a place where you jam out to your favorite music while you head to your next destination.

You’ve Got to Drive this SUV

Are you looking for a small SUV that fits everywhere you need it to on the road and in parking lots? Do you want to have an efficient and comfortable ride that doesn’t cost too much? Check out what the Honda HR-V EX-L has to offer and let it become the SUV that gives you a fun and useful drive every day.

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