Will the Infiniti Q50 Sensory be the Sporty Car that’s Right for You?

Are you looking for a compact car that’s a luxury sports car as well? If so, you’ll want to take a look at the Infiniti Q50 Sensory.

This model is the third trim up the latter of the Q50 lineup to give you a car that adds a lot more for the drive than what you’ll find when you head out on the road. This is a car you can show off, and love the way it performs every day

The Q50 Gives You Amazing Performance-Per-Dollar

If value is part of what you’re looking for in your compact luxury sports car, the Q50 will not disappoint you at all. This is a car that gives you 300 horsepower from the standard engine, and it’s relatively affordable compared to other models in this class. You can add AWD to the mix and have amazing qualities when you take a drive.

A Package of Great Features in the Sensory Trim

The Infinity Q50 Sensory is the third trim up the ladder, and it brings you the driving package that you’ll love when you get inside. This car brings you:

• 19-inch alloy wheels
• Leather-covered sort seats
• Manually extendable thigh support
• 16-speaker Bose audio system
• Navigation w/SiriusXM Traffic
• Self-diming/reverse-tilt side mirrors
• Upgraded climate control w/air purifier
• Enhanced ambient cabin lighting

These are excellent items that can give you the benefits you want, but some stuff you’ll enjoy in this car comes from the lower trims. Some of those items include:

• Automatic emergency braking
• Rain-sensing wipers
• Power front seats
• Apple CarPlay
• Android Auto
• Keyless Entry
• Push-button starting
• Wi-Fi hotspot
• Powered moonroof
• Textured aluminum trim
• Heated front seats
• Heated steering wheel
• 360-degree camera system
• Adaptive cruise control
• Blind-spot monitoring
• Rear cross-traffic alerts

With the addition of these items to the list, it’s easy to see how the Infiniti Q50 Sensory is a complete car that can be perfect for you to have the wonderful drive that you’re going to love when you get behind the wheel.

The Look You Want is in this Car

The Infiniti Q50 is a car that looks incredible. It’s stylish, sporty, built right, and impressive to see when you’re ready for a drive. The finishing touches for the Sensory trim come in the form of the 19-inch alloy wheels that give you the right way to ride and the style that makes this a car you’ll be proud to take out for a night on the town.

The Seats Are Perfect for You

Not many cars especially sport cars, work to make you as comfortable as the Infiniti Q50 Sensory. This car gives you leather-covered seats and an extendable thigh support that offers you the added comfort and quality you need when you’re taking a drive. Get inside and feel the quality of these seats and know that you could sit in this car and drive all day long.

Added Electronics for Your Drive

Enjoy the amazing sounds that come out of the 16-speaker Bose audio system to give you the clear and wonderful music you love. When you’re out on a road trip, the navigation system with SiriusXM Traffic adds much more to the ride to make sure you have the alerts and information you need when you take this car out for a drive.

The Lighting System Creates the Cabin Environment

The lighting you find in the cabin of the Infiniti Q50 Sensory brings the mood and the feeling you want during your drive. Whether you’re going for a warm and relaxing tone or you desire a color that will energize you, this car has what you want to offer a great lighting experience during your drive.

Experience Excellent Power in this Impressive Car

Take the Sensory model out for a drive and let the powertrain entice you to push it harder. What you have under the hood is a 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged V6 engine that makes 300 horsepower and 295 lb.-ft. of torque. This engine is mated to a seven-speed automatic transmission that includes a Sport model and rev-matched downshifting. Fuel mileage is much better than you might expect, with 29 mpg on the highway in RWD models or 27 mpg when you have AWD as part of your package.

You’ll Only Need One Test Drive

If you want to drive a car that seems to have everything you’re looking for, the Infiniti Q50 Sensory is waiting for you. Visit your local dealer and let this car show you why it’s the perfect sports car for you to take home today.

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