Ford Offers an Integrated Tether System Allows for Endless Customization

A new system is being included in the latest Ford vehicle. This system is called the Ford Integrated Tether System (FITS).

For shippers of the new Ford Maverick, this system allows for a variety of customized pieces to be made using 3D printing technology to get the job done. The Maverick will be the first vehicle to use such a system, but with success, you can see the benefits of a system that allows owners to create features and accessories that work great for their lifestyles.

How the FITS Slots Work

There are several areas inside the Maverick where slots are offered to match the mounts that slide in from the top and hold accessories in place. Currently, there are eight Ford Integrated Tether System slots in this little truck to give you a variety of ways to customize your vehicle to give you the items you’re looking for during your drive. The eight slots for these upgrades are found, with one in the back of the center console and seven as part of the under-seat storage bins. While this means you’ve got only a few places to upgrade your truck, it’s just the beginning of using this technology.

What are Some of the Accessories Available?

While the true limit of how you can customize the various slots in this truck is only limited to your imagination, Ford has thought of some items that are requested and useful for most drivers.

Five items are available for purchase. That list includes cupholders, a storage trash bin, a cord organizer, a double hook for bags, and under-seat storage dividers. You aren’t limited to these five items, especially since there are eight slots, but these items are a good place to begin.

Give Yourself the Git of FITS

What could you use in the vehicle you drive? Using the QR code for the Maverick, you can enter the FLEXBED system and use the Ford Integrated Tether System to print any item you want that will fit into one of the slots. If you take your kids around in the vehicle, you could offer them a place to hold their fries when eating or a holder for a tablet so they can watch movies during the ride. You might want a good place in the rear of the center console for your sunglasses, or you could decide you need a place for your shoes after a workout.

How Easy is the Process?

The QR code needed to enter the FLEXBED system is found in the truck bed of the Maverick. This will take you to a “how-to” page that will help guide you through designing the item that will make your life much easier in this truck. This system is perfect for adding a few storage items to the mix that will keep you organized and ready for a drive.

Let’s Talk About the Maverick

We’ve mentioned the vehicle that gives you access to this new system from Ford, but we haven’t discussed what that vehicle happens to be just yet. The Ford Maverick is a compact truck that uses a unibody platform. That means it rides like an SUV, but it does give you a truck build so that you can do some truck stuff when you need to. When you look at the truck market of today, you see that compact trucks have been deleted from the mix. The Maverick is the first of these models to return, and with it comes a variety of impressive qualities you’re sure to enjoy.

A Real Truck that Fits Your Life

If you don’t want to drive around in a large and lumbering truck every day, the Maverick could be ideal for you. This truck has a starting price of less than $20,000, and it comes with a standard hybrid powertrain. These factors make it one of the most useful vehicles in the compact world. Ford makes it possible for you to take this truck where you want to go. The Maverick is made to tow up to 4,000 pounds, carry as much as 1,500 pounds of payload, and give you up to 8.6 inches of ground clearance for the FX4 model.

FLEXBED is for More than the FITS

While we mentioned that the FLEXBED system is used for the Ford IntegratedTether System, it’s also the name of the cargo area of the Maverick, it seems you could say this name is used for all of the storage areas of this truck. The bed of the Maverick is 4.5 feet long and wide enough to carry 4×8 sheets of wood. The adjustable tailgate allows the extension you need to carry the full-size sheets of plywood with you. The low lift height makes it easy for you to load the rear and then tie things done to the anchor positions offered in the bed.

Head to the Trails in the Maverick

If you’re going to equip and load your Ford Maverick for fun you enjoy on the trails; you’ll want to choose the FX4 Package for this truck. This package gives you AWD, rugged all-terrain tires, an off-road mono-shock suspension, and added skid plates to protect the underside of your truck. You’ll also find drive modes that are ideal for mud, ruts, and sand, along with Hill Descent Control which makes going down a slope easier for you.

Choose the Right Configuration for Your Ford

You’ll have the choice of two powertrains when you select the Ford Maverick to be the truck you want to drive. That may seem like a limited number of options when you start designing the various items that can be 3D printed using the Ford Integrated Tether System. Regardless, when you configure the Maverick to be the truck you want to drive, you’re going to have a compact truck that’s ready for adventures and gives you the efficiency, price, and customization options that you haven’t seen in any other truck.

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