What are the Best SUVs of 2022?

If you’re going to drive one, you might as well find one of the best SUVs of 2022 and have everything you desire.

In today’s world, it feels like if you aren’t driving an SUV, you must be wrong. These vehicles are split into several different categories to give you a variety of qualities, sizes, and capabilities on and off the road. Let’s take a look at some of the classes and see which models made it to the top.

Subcompact Crossovers

Volkswagen Taos

According to Edmunds, the best of the subcompact class is the VW Taos. This would be difficult to argue with. This new SUV brings the modern technology you want, plenty of safety features, and a relatively spacious cabin for the class. Whether you’ve got a small family or you want your first vehicle to be a new SUV, the Taos could be the right one to drive.

Chevrolet Trailblazer

The move away from the Trax back to the Trailblazer name has put this little Chevy right in the mix for you. The Trailblazer is right behind the Taos when ranked as one of the best SUVs of 2022. You’ll be pleased with the competence on the road, the handsome styling, and the impressive level of technology included in this little crossover.

Compact Crossovers

Honda CR-V

It should come as no surprise to anyone that the CR-V tops the list as the best of the compact crossovers. This SUV has been the most popular in the market for several years with its comfortable and roomy cabin, excellent cargo space, and impressive engine. Step inside and take a drive to see for yourself.

Mazda CX-5

When you blend upscale styling with amazing driving dynamics, you find an SUV that’s worthy of being near the top of the list. While not quite as spacious as the CR-V, this is an SUV that does provide you with the driving characteristics and upscale interior features that you’re sure to enjoy every day.

Compact Three-Row Crossovers

Kia Sorento

This is a class with very few participants, but that doesn’t stop it from being where you’ll find excellent driving qualities and value in the Kia Sorento. If you need three rows and you want a small SUV, this is certainly one of the best SUVs of 2022 for you to drive. The Sorento has served as a practical and useful vehicle for a long time.

Mitsubishi Outlander

Are you surprised to see a Mitsubishi on this list? You shouldn’t be; the Outlander has been one of the most enjoyable and affordable SUVs in its class for a long time. You’ll find a smooth ride, comfortable front seats, and plenty of space for cargo or passengers. Admire the sharp style and the versatility that comes with having three rows of seats.

Midsize SUVs

Honda Passport

If you’re looking for a relatively affordable SUV that can tackle the trails and give you the freedom of going off-roading, the Honda Passportholds your ticket. This model is athletic, comfortable, and brings plenty of cargo room to make sure you can take all the gear you need. Let your adventures begin with the Passport.

Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport

This model is the smaller version of the Atlas, and it only features two rows of seats. This makes it a bit sportier than its larger sibling, bringing you the drive you’re after. The rakish roofline shows off the style, and the added comfort of only two rows makes this SUV one that you’ll be glad to drive every day.

Midsize Three-Row SUVs

Kia Telluride

The Telluride brings you the whole package to be one of the best SUVs of 2022. This vehicle delivers the goods with an upscale cabin, quiet drive, comfortable seating, and tons of standard features to give you the experience you’re looking for. If you want an SUV that fits adults in every row, you’ll want to drive the Telluride.

Hyundai Palisade

Hyundai has a reputation for packing their vehicles full of amazing items to give you more. The Palisade is not an exception to that, but rather, fits this rule very well. When you choose this SUV, you’re going to have a vehicle that easily reaches into the luxury levels of driving to make sure you can head out on the road and enjoy the drive.

Full-Size SUVs

Chevrolet Suburban

You won’t find more room for your stuff in any other SUV in the market. The Suburban has been and continues to be the big dog in this class. With this immense vehicle, you can have a slew of upscale technology items, exceptional comfort for your passengers, and enough power to pull a heavy load wherever you want to go.

GMC Yukon

When you admire the Chevy pair, but you want premium qualities right from the start, the right choice is the GMC Yukon. Easily one of the best SUVs of 2022, this impressive vehicle is offered in two lengths to match the Tahoe and Suburban while delivering the premium features you’re looking for in your SUV.

Off-Road SUVs

Jeep Wrangler

The Wrangler has been the top off-roading SUV for a long time, and it doesn’t seem ready to give up that crown. With the Wrangler, you can travel over the toughest landscape and crawl to the top of a mountain to see the world below you. This is an ideal vehicle for adventures wherever the roads end and the wilderness begins.

Ford Bronco

Don’t look now; the Bronco is back, and it’s ready to duke it out with the Wrangler. The Bronco comes with the off-road chops to take you wherever you want to go while giving you an option in the off-road SUV class. Already considered one of the best SUVs of 2022, you’ll be amazed by the performance, prowess, and pleasure you find in this gorgeous SUV.

Which one of these impressive SUVs will be the one that you take home? Is there a favorite class or a vehicle on this list that is perfect for you?

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