Lease Specials Still Move Cars

With new and used car prices staying high because of supply chain issues and customer demand continuing to increase, leasing options are becoming an excellent solution for many buyers.

Promoting leases and lease deals can not only create a sale but benefit the dealer and the customer.

Advantages of Leasing in The Current Climate

Inventory shortages in both the new and used car markets are making it more difficult for car shoppers to find the vehicle that they want. Since leases offer a shorter time commitment than purchasing, it gives buyers a chance to test out a new vehicle or a new brand for just a couple of years. In two or three years when the lease is up, inventory at many dealerships will likely be back to more normal numbers. The customer can then decide if they want to restart their search for their dream car or stay with what they have. 

Leasing An Electric Car

The technology in electric vehicles is changing so rapidly that offering a short-term lease instead of a long-term purchase allows customers to keep up with the technology. Another advantage to point out is trading in a leased electric vehicle after two or three years means that customers won’t have to worry about degrading batteries. They get to trade in their leased vehicle before the battery starts to wear down. 

 Leasing and Sales

Selling a lease can turn everyone into a winner. Since leases are short-term contracts, it creates an automatic sales cycle for the customer. They will return to the dealership when their lease is up, and it’s a win for the sales department and the dealership whether they decide to purchase the car or get into a new lease. 

Lease returns add high-quality used inventory to the dealership. There’s no question about the maintenance on these vehicles, making them easy to turn around and sell to the next customer who wants something pre-owned.

Lease Specials

Lease specials are a better way to move cars in this uncertain market, and some offers make it even easier to sell them because of the lower monthly payments and shorter terms. Nissan lease specials provide drivers with a new car or SUV at an affordable price and last for three years. Car buyers have their choice of vehicles when they want to lease a Nissan. 

One of the best Nissan lease specials is on the 2022 Leaf. The deal gets drivers into a brand-new Leaf at $179 a month if they put $4,179 down at the signing. The 2022 Sentra is also a great deal at $249 a month, with just $3,209 down at signing.

Have a buyer looking at trucks and SUVs? The 2022 Pathfinder is better than ever, with a complete redesign for the new year. Customers can get into one for $369 a month with just over a $5,000 down payment. 

Over the next year, experts project the chip and new car shortages will be in the rearview mirror, so now is the time to take advantage of lease specials and use them to move cars.

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