10 Features You Have to Have on Your Next Car

When you’re tired of your old car here are some features you should look to be part of the next car you love to drive.

If you have a vehicle from several years ago, you’re missing out on some of the modern qualities that are part of what we see today. While some items could be added to your current vehicle, when it’s time to buy the next model you’ll drive, there are ten items you want to make sure it includes.

Your Car Should Have Adaptive Cruise Control

What is adaptive cruise control? Why is it something you’re looking for in the vehicle you’ll purchase? This feature is a modern form of cruise control that allows your car to maintain a set distance from other vehicles in front of you. This feature not only controls your speed but can slow down to allow the safe distance you’re comfortable with to remain in place during your drive. The system uses radar to detect the vehicles in front of you and keep your car where you want it on the road.

Every New Vehicle Comes with Cameras

If you’re driving a vehicle that does not have a rearview camera, you’ll be pleased to have this feature on your next car. Why will this be part of what you find? Every vehicle solid in the United States after May 1, 2018, has this feature as part of the standard packaging. Some of these cameras give you views of more than just what’s happening behind you, which makes it much easier for you to move about in a parking lot, especially when you need to back out of a spot.

Look for Fast-Charging USB Ports

Even though the original purpose of these ports was to charge your cell phone, modern smartphones require much faster charging, especially when using several apps than older models did. Many automakers include these faster ports today, ensuring you have the speed you’re looking for when you charge up your phone and get it ready to use during your time on the road. With faster ports, you’ll arrive at your destination with a phone that’s been charged to full capacity.

You Need Mirrors that Dim On Their Own

Auto-dimming rearview and side-view mirrors are now standard on most vehicles. This is something that truly helps you when you’re driving at night. Your next car needs to have these mirrors to ensure you can maintain visibility when the outside lights dim and you no longer have daylight to drive in. With some drivers using brighter headlights than before, you’ll want to keep the glare out of your eyes during your time on the road, which is what these auto-dimming mirrors will handle for you.

Heating Functions for the Seats and Steering Wheel Will Help You

Instead of facing cold mornings where you have to put your bare hands on a cold steering wheel and sit on a frozen seat, you can have both of these items heated. Many standard vehicles offer these heated features to give you an easy way to warm up shortly after your journey begins. One of the pleasures of driving is to be comfortable wherever you go on the road. Having heated seats and a heated steering wheel, you’ll feel more comfortable in your vehicle.

An Engine You Start Remotely is Desired

Your next car should have a remote start feature. This is something you can add to your old ride right now, but it won’t have the same benefits you’ll find in a newer model. Those heated seats and steering wheel can be warmed up for you when you have a remote engine start feature. On hot days, you’ll be able to cool the interior of the vehicle down, provided you set the A/C levels the night before. Start your engine from your front door and get the car ready for your daily drive.

The Right Car has a Smart Suspension

Nearly every aspect of modern vehicles comes with electronic items where everything used to be mechanical. This means you could have a suspension system that is smarter than ever. Some of these systems use electronics and cameras to “read” the road and give you the smoothest and most comfortable drive when you’re behind the wheel. Make sure you find a car with a smart suspension system.

Most Cars Now Have Automatic Emergency Braking

Nearly all of the new vehicles on the road have some form of automatic emergency braking to stop the vehicle when detecting a potential collision. Your next car needs to have this feature to give you the stopping power required when it’s time to avoid a crash. You might find several names for this feature, but all of them do the job of stopping the car before you end up in a crash. You might not have it now, but you will in the model you purchase in the future.

You’ll Take Wi-Fi With You Wherever You Go

Many vehicles offer the benefits of a Wi-Fi hotspot to make sure you can get connected to this feature and use Wi-Fi instead of the data you pay for every month. This item also helps you turn your car into a working office because you can connect your laptop or tablet to the system. You’ll have to pay for a service, but if you spend a lot of time away from the office or home and need Wi-Fi, you’ll be glad to have this feature.

If You Drive a Truck, a Power Tailgate is a Must

One of the most important and convenient features offered on trucks today is a remote power tailgate you can raise and lower with the key fob. When your next car is a truck, this is an item you’ll want to enjoy when it’s time for a drive. Using this feature, you can control the rate your gate lowers and maintain control over the load of materials you’ve got in the bed of the truck.

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