Infiniti Coming out With a New 2-Row Crossover

If you thought Infiniti filled the area between the QX50 and QX60, think again. They have a plan to build a new two-row crossover.

The area between the compact QX50 and three-row midsize QX60 leaves a lot of wiggle room for something that could be more comfortable and luxurious. We don’t know what this new model is yet, but it should be a two-row midsize crossover luxury SUV. That would allow Infiniti to compete with other automakers in this arena with an SUV that’s comfortable and luxurious while offering ample cargo room for the adventurous drivers in the market.

Isn’t the QX55 Supposed to Fill this Space?

You might wonder why we have an Infiniti QX55if it’s not the model to fill the space between the QX50 and QX60. The QX55 is a completely different type of SUV than these other two. This middle model offers a coupe body style and is built on the same platform as the QX50, making it a compact crossover. This means we could see a number between 55 and 60 for the new model that should be a midsize SUV that fills the space gap left in the market.

What Do We Have Right Now?

When you look at the SUVs lineup for the Infiniti brand, you see four models offered right now. The QX50 sits as the compact version, the QX55 is the oddball coupe-like crossover, the QX60 is a midsize three-row SUV, and the QX80 is a large three-row luxury SUV. These are four great options for you to have the luxury drive you want from a brand that brings you excellence in engineering and design. If you don’t want to wait until 2025 for the new model to appear, you’ll want to consider one of these four models.

Infiniti QX50

The QX50 brings a roomy, well-designed interior area and a smooth drive that can be ideal for your time on the road. You’ll find a ton of standard safety items that make this SUV easy to admire and enjoy when it’s time for a drive. The 2022 version is only three years into its generational lifecycle, giving you a relatively new model that works well. If you’re looking for a compact crossover SUV and want a luxury vehicle, the QX50 could be the right one for you to drive.

Two items stand out for this small luxury SUV. The first is the wireless Apple CarPlay system, which isn’t widespread in the market yet. If you have an iPhone, you won’t need to use a cord to enjoy the connection offered through this system. The ProPilot Asst system is the other item that stands out. This is a partial self-driving system that uses full-speed adaptive cruise control and steering assistance to let you take your hands off the wheel and feet off the pedals for a short time. These are only a couple of the items that could make the QX50 right or you to drive.

Infiniti QX55

It’s the sportiest of the models in this SUV lineup. The QX55 looks more like a sports car that’s raised up off the ground than a crossover SUV. That is part of the charm of this model. With many other luxury automakers turning to coupe-style crossovers, it’s not a surprise that this brand did the same. You’ll admire the small size, quick steering, and decisive performance when you take this vehicle out for a drive. When you head to the dealership, you should take a test drive in the QX55.

It’s hard to look away from this crossover SUV; the QX55 brings a striking style that makes it mesmerizing to look at. You’ll enjoy the sportier feel and style offered. This vehicle also gives you an impressive Bose Performance Audio system which is incredible. You’ll never get tired of hearing your favorite music playing through the 16 speakers throughout the cabin. It’s not promoted as a surround sound system, but it comes pretty close. This sound system does a great job of turning your cabin into a concert hall on the road.

Infiniti QX60

The best-selling SUV in this lineup is the QX60. This luxury three-row midsize SUV has been sold many times over around the world. The 2022 version is more attractive and wider than previous models, giving us an SUV that looks and feels great on the road. You’ll admire the bold new style that gives you a stylish interior area to admire. The horizontal screen extends from the dash to look modern and gives you the technology you desire. This is an SUV that can tow, with a 6,000-pound capacity, which makes it the ideal family SUV when you’re ready for some fun together. Get behind the wheel and see where the QX60 will take you.

If you want to see how luxurious the QX60 can be, you’ll want to head up the line to the Sensory and Autograph models of this SUV. These two trim levels are where you find items including, massaging front seats, open-pore wood, a large head-up display, semi-aniline leather upholstery, and a digital rearview mirror. There’s a lot to love when you’re looking at the posh and pristine luxury qualities offered in one of these trims of this SUV. Which one will be the trim level you take home from the dealer today?

Infiniti QX80

Some of the full-size luxury SUV models in the market are extremely expensive, but not the QX80. As a relatively affordable model in the market, you’ll love the amazing levels of luxury offered in this spacious full-size SUV. You’ll find a ton of tech, impressive power, and the seating you desire. There’s plenty of cargo room to give you the place you need to carry your gear when it’s time to bring your family out for some fun together. You’ll see high-quality materials all around the cabin and enjoy the way this SUV offers you style from every angle.

There are two items you should note about the QX80 you want to drive. This SUV has an impressive new infotainment system that works great and gives you the connectivity and packaging you’ve been missing. Enjoy the benefits of wireless Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and 3D Maps on the 12.3-inch screen that’s loaded with features for you. Of course, you can’t talk about the QX80 without mentioning the amazing V8 engine. This engine pumps out 400 horsepower and gives you 8,500 pounds of towing capacity. If you need a luxury SUV that’s also a workhorse, the QX80 is the vehicle you want to drive.

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