ARK Movement Hosts Autism Awareness Car Meet

Are you aware of any organizations in your area dedicated to uplifting the masses? This is precisely what ARK Movement offers.

Recently, this organization held a car meet to raise money for Autism Awareness. This car meet offered invitations for nearly every make and model, and many highly cool cars showed up to show off what they had to offer. Entry fees to the meet were collected as donations toward Autism Awareness. The total donation collected was a little more than $10,000, which goes toward this wonderful organization.

Taking on the Tough Issues

ARK Movement stands for Act of Random Kindness, and it’s an organization dedicated to bringing awareness and raising funds for many community issues in Orange County. These include homelessness, hunger, and Autism, to name a few. The car meet took place on the roof level of the Gardenwalk parking structure. Every parking spot on the roof housed a vehicle offered for a display to showcase the cars that came to support the cause and show the incredible tuning levels of these cars. Various unique cars for multiple years and builds showed up at this location.

More Cases of Autism Than Ever Before

In recent years, doctors have documented more cases of Autism than ever before. This means that groups, including the Center for Autism & Neurodevelopmental Disorders, are increasingly important. This organization and others are essential to help families, and support groups understand Autism and train those working to help kids and adults afflicted with this disorder. The spectrum of Autism shows up as a wide range of different levels that used to be separate disorders but are now all part of the spectrum. ARK raised a generous donation with this car meet under a beautiful blue sky on a nice clear day.

Get Inspired to Be Kind

After seeing the ARK Movement car meet and the positive energy from this randomly kind act, you might be inspired to be kind yourself. We often cover being kinder during the winter months when the holiday season arrives, but there’s nothing wrong with helping others or showing kindness throughout the rest of the year. Here are some ideas to get your going.

Put a Random Rain Coat on a Tree

Even though it’s the spring and summer months, the rain might fall, and those that are stuck out in the weather could use a way to stay dry when it arrives. You could tie a raincoat to a tree with a note, letting others know they can take the coat and enjoy staying dry whenever the wet weather arrives. This is a great way to offer some support to those in need.

Hand Out Free Coffee

Everyone likes a cup of coffee in the morning, and a free cup could be even better. You can help raise money for a local charity by setting up a free coffee stand and handing out coffee. Put a donation jar on the table but don’t pressure those who partake to donate to your cause. Another way to offer some free coffee is to pay for the coffee of the person behind you in line at the local coffee shop.

Pay for Some Groceries

If you see a young family struggling to fit their groceries into their budget, offering them a free grocery trip that you pay for is a great way to help others. This act of random kindness is undoubtedly in keeping with the ARK Movement philosophy. Another way to offer help and be kind is to buy some groceries that you donate to the local food bank. Those in need certainly appreciate the donations made.

Create Care Packages for the Homeless

Some towns are filled with homeless people on every street corner. While these people can certainly use a little money and might ask for donations from drivers that show up near them, another thing they can use is a little care package. You can use Ziploc bags with a small bottle of hand sanitizer, some snacks, and a few hygiene items that can be right for the person you see on the corner every day.

Send a Letter to Someone that Needs Your Support

Soldiers deployed overseas love receiving letters of support, as do older adults in nursing homes or some of the community leaders in your area. You could send some lovely cards to hospitalized kids facing severe illnesses. These letters and cards can quickly put a smile on the face of the recipients.

Prepare a Meal and Feed the Hungry

Your local soup kitchen might have a regular menu they offer, but the people that visit and eat there could be happy to have a bit of a change in the menu once in a while. In keeping with the ARK Movement plan, you can feed the hungry and let them enjoy a meal that you’ve prepared. Be sure to make enough for the number of people that generally visit the soup kitchen.

Mow Your Neighbor’s Yard

Do you have an elderly neighbor that doesn’t get around as well as they used to? Does it look like they struggle every time they try to mow their yard? This could be the act of random kindness that puts a smile on your face and makes your neighbor extremely happy. Get your mower out and start pushing it around the yard to let your neighbor have a great-looking yard.

Pay for Some Gas

Another way to help others, especially with gas prices as high as they are to pay to fill up someone’s tank. This could be a hugely generous act that will let them enjoy the drive they want to make. This is even more meaningful when you run across someone that doesn’t seem to have enough money to fill their tank.

Donate Blood; it’s Always Needed.

If you’re healthy enough, donate a pint of blood. Hospitals need blood all the time, and some blood types are ideal for donation at any time. This is easily one of the most random acts of kindness that can make a massive difference in the recipient’s life at the local hospital.

Were you inspired by the ARK Movement car meet and the donation it brought for Autism Awareness? If so, you’ll want to enjoy performing some randomly kind acts of your own.

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