Top 10 Sleekest Convertibles in 2022

If you want to drive in style, you’ll want to enjoy the fun of one of the sleekest convertibles you can find.

Pair this experience with the modern technology and features that are part of the 2022 model year, and you’ll have a wonderful car to drive. Whether you’ve planned several road trips for the future or you want to enjoy a vehicle that just looks amazing when you drive, a convertible gives you what you want. Put that top down and enjoy the sun on your face, the wind in your hair, and the warm temperatures of the summer. Here are some of the models you should consider.

Audi A5

The convertible model of the Audi A5 is called cabriolet, and it delivers the benefits of being one of the most attractive luxury cars with two doors. This impressive car has a fabric roof and a powerful engine to give you the smooth and impressive ride you’re looking for on the road. It only takes 15 seconds to put the roof down and let the sun come in so that you can have a great ride and a car that makes you smile every time you take a ride.

Audi TT

The true sports car in the Audi lineup is the TT. This smooth and impressive luxury car has a small build and dynamic drive that gives you a lot of fun from behind the wheel. If you’re looking for one of the sleekest convertibles offered in the 2022 model year, the TT is an ideal vehicle for you. Put the top down and let this car take you wherever you want to go. You’ll love the comfort and handling offered in this luxury roadster.

Mazda MX-5 Miata

Some consider the Mazda MX-5 Miata to be the world’s greatest convertible because it’s a simple car that offers you a lightweight build and a lot of fun. There’s no getting around what the Miata will mean to you and your drive. Put the top down, and let this roadster guide you to some of the sharpest curves and winding roads that challenge the balance of this car and everything it brings for your drive.

Porsche 718 Boxster

You’ll find a pair of powertrains to choose from for the Porsche 718 Boxster. This amazing little sports car is one of the sleekest convertibles you can find for your drive. The drive is absolutely incredible with the premium drive you want when you’re behind the wheel. The GTS version offers a bigger engine that brings more power when you head out on the road. If you’re looking for fun and active driving, you’ll love the way this Boxster drives and how it gives you the performance you’re looking for.

Chevrolet Corvette

The C8 version of the Corvette is one of the sportiest and most dynamic cars in the market. Choose the model with the convertible body style, and you’ve got a car that brings you the grip, handling, and performance you want. The Corvette can be had in a variety of bright colors to make it the car you want to show off when you’re behind the wheel. If you want to show off a car that looks like a lot of fun to drive, you’ll be more than happy to take one of these new Corvette models out for a drive.

Lexus LC

Supreme elegance meets sporty driving in the Lexus LC 500. This amazing car is easily one of the sleekest convertibles in the market. You’ll love this luxury sports car from the luxury brand that’s part of the Toyota family. The power of the 5.0-liter naturally aspirated V8 engine allows you to rocket to 60 mph in only 4.7 seconds when you drive the LC 500. This is a car that sounds amazing and gives you the feeling you want with the air blowing through your hair.


The latest version of the BMW Z4 is an amazing drop-top convertible that gives you the luxury roadster fun you’re looking for. This car has plenty of presence out on the road, and it can be tossed around everywhere you go. Will you take this car up through the twists and turns that you see on some of the most iconic drives in the market? This is a car that offers you the horsepower you want and lots of fun built into the ride.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Mercedes-Benz won’t be left out of the conversation for the sleekest convertibles in the market. Not only will you have the top-down fun you’ll love in this car, but it can be had with neck warmers and a bright white interior to give you the smooth and impressive style that you’re sure to love on any road. Check out the electronics and the elegant trim features that make this car the right one for you to take a ride out on the road.

Ford Mustang

This powerful pony car is one of the sleekest convertibles in the market, and it can be had at a variety of price levels. The Mustang delivers a lot of fun for the ride you’re looking for when you step inside. Put the top down and let this iconic piece of Americana take you across the country for the road trip that you’ll love. It’s time to make some memories in a car that everyone can recognize when it drives down the highway.

BMW 4 Series

The BMW 4 Series is an incredible coupe that can be had in the convertible model that allows you to put the top down for the drive you’ll admire. This car can tear up any road, and when you have the top down, you’ll feel the wind and the speed during your time behind the wheel. Check out the list of standard features and the athletic feeling offered in this car; you’ll love everything this BMW 4 Series brings to your drive.

Are you looking for one of the sleekest convertibles to drive? This list is just a good place to begin; there are many more out there that you might want to drive if you don’t pick any of these.

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