Ford Takes a Vintage Spin on the 2023 Ford Bronco

The Ford Bronco is a name that’s been part of the market since the mid-1960s. Even with its hiatus for several years, the heritage of the Bronco comes through.

The most recent generation of this Ford off-road SUV brings a modern interpretation of a classic name. For 2023, this SUV will wear some of that classic styling when the new Heritage or Heritage Limited models are chosen. Could a throwback to a previous look and feel for the Bronco be the right way for you to enjoy this impressive off-roader?

Heritage Models Will be Limited

All builds of the Bronco and Bronco Sport are eligible for the new Heritage and Heritage Limited Edition models. The latter will be the version that is offered in a small number of SUVs. Ford will only make 1,966 models of the Heritage Limited Edition vehicles, which commemorates the original year this SUV debuted in the market. If you want to buy one of these limited models, you’ll want to get your order in soon; there’s no doubt these will go fast and be the Bronco that many people brag about driving.

What can You Order Now?

If you want to add the Heritage package to your Ford Bronco, the order books are open for the smaller Sport models. The larger Bronco models with this packaging will go on sale later this year. Currently, Ford places a priority on those customers already waiting for their vehicles, but once the 2023 calendar appears, the reservation status won’t matter, and orders will be open to all customers. This seems like the fairest way to handle a situation, as many customers still waiting to have their Bronco order filled who might want to add the throwback styling to the mix.

What Does the Heritage Model Offer?

You’ll see a lot of Oxford White plasters on the Heritage models of the Bronco. The larger SUVs will have a two-tone paint job, a modular hardtop roof, a white grille with Race Red “FORD” lettering, and 17-inch aluminum wheels that wear the same Oxford White paint.

In addition to the paint, these models of the Bronco will have squared fenders with wider fender flares that come from the Sasquatch package. This allows for a track that’s nearly two inches wider to give these versions plenty of capability. Heritage models also receive a powder-coated steel-capable front bumper with built-in recovery points and integrated fog lamps.

Going inside, you’ll find plaid cloth seats and an Oxford White instrument panel. This area also features center console badging and exclusive front and rear floor liners.

Five paint colors are offered for the Bronco Heritage Edition, giving you some excellent choices to go with that Oxford White on the outside of this SUV.

What Equipment Does the Heritage Edition Offer?

All Ford Bronco Heritage Edition models come standard with the Big Bend trim equipment. The Sasquatch suspension package is added to give this version a bit more capability on the trails and make it easier to fit the fender flares.

What Does the Heritage Limited Edition Model Offer?

Moving to the Heritage Limited version brings a set of signature wheels with the classic dog dish centers. These wheels are painted in gloss black and have an Oxford White lip to give them the retro look desired. This version of the Bronco is only painted in Robin’s Egg Blue when it launches, but Prairie Yellow is planned for later in the model year.

Choosing the Heritage Limited Edition model brings you the capability of the Badlands trim with the more powerful engine for the drive.

Does the Bronco Sport Do Anything Differently?

The exterior of the Bronco Sport wearing the Heritage Edition items offers a similar style to the larger model. This smaller SUV does have a difference in the front with the word “BRONCO” spelled out in Race Red on the grille.
The Bronco Sport also makes use of the Navy Pier color, which was part of the Ford Bronco in the 1980s. This color will appear on the instrument panel, seat inserts, center console, and MOLLE straps.

This smaller version also uses the Big Bend series as the model to fit the Heritage Edition features and provide an excellent driving experience.

The Bronco Sport Heritage Edition is offered in seven paint colors, giving this smaller SUV more ways to show up and show off when it’s the SUV you choose for your drive.

What About the Heritage Limited Models of the Bronco Sport?

Customers that choose the Heritage Limited Edition of the smaller Bronco Sport will have metal “Bronco” script front fender badges, larger 29-inch all-terrain off-road tires, leather-trimmed seats, Oxford White door inserts, and specialized center console badging.

The Bronco Sport Heritage Limited models ride on the Badlands series trim, which has a more powerful engine and more performance than the Big Bend version.

How Much Does Each Package Cost?

If you’re looking at these four packages across the two models, you’ll want to know how much each will cost. The Ford Bronco Sport Heritage brings a starting price of $34,245, while the Heritage Limited begins at $44,655. Choose the Bronco Heritage, and you start at $44,305, with the Heritage Limited model coming in at $66,895.

Which Bronco Should You Drive?

Will you look to the upscale power of the Ford Bronco with the Heritage Limited Edition styling to be your off-road SUV, or could the smaller Bronco Sport Heritage be the right place for your driving pleasure? Both of these Ford SUVs offer incredible off-road chops, and adding the Heritage packaging to the mix gives them the qualities you want when it’s time to head out on the trails.

If you want one of the Heritage Limited models, you’ll need to get in line soon; these are truly limited, unlike the regular Heritage models.

Regardless of the version you choose, you’ll enjoy celebrating the early version of the Bronco, which won over our hearts and minds as one of the most capable off-road SUVs in the market.

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