2023 BMW Z4: This Beemer Elevates Convertible Sports Cars

Elevating the sports car game isn’t all about dramatic changes. The 2023 BMW Z4 subtly improves upon the previous version from 2022.

The Z4 has been part of the BMW lineup since 1989, but the latest version came to be in 2018 as a new convertible sports car developed alongside the Toyota Supra. This new BMW convertible roadster is an amazing performance machine, but it’s time for an upgrade. Instead of the same dramatic change that occurred in 2018, the 2023 Z4 receives subtle changes to bring about slightly elevated driving qualities for some fun on the road or track.

LCI is for Life Cycle Impulse

Although BMW is a German brand, this company certainly has a flair for the dramatic. Instead of simply calling the updates a midcycle refresh, BMW calls it LCI. This means the new Z4 receives a facelift and some improved packaging. The new model includes an M Sport package for the sDrive30i trim. The changes being made to this model show up in the three-section air intakes in the front bumper. This new change has been seen in other BMW M-Division cars, and now they’re found in the Z4.

What are some of the other appearance upgrades

BMW brings several upgrades to the appearance of this new convertible sports car. Most notably, you’ll see a set of redesigned kidney grilles to go along with the new and standard M Sport package. The twin-kidney grille has a much more appealing design. You’ll also see improvements to the rear and sides of the car with upgraded front wheel arches, a spoiler that’s been fully integrated into the trunklid, and new side sills, and side intakes with new design elements. These small changes allow the new BMW Z4 to provide a more aggressive style.

Special wheels and colors make it to the Z4

As you begin to check off the options offered, the new Z4 you drive could include a set of the optional 19-inch M wheels that are now exclusive to the Z4. Once you’ve got the wheels added to the other visual upgrades, you’ll see a selection of new colors offered. These new colors include Thundernight Metallic, Portimao Blue Metallic, and Skyscraper Gray Metallic. This car also brings a set of M Shadowline lights to the 2023 model year, which is optional for this new version of the Z4. Another optional light package is the set of LEDs already offered for the Z4.

Upgrades move to the cabin area of this incredible BMW

The new M Sport package doesn’t stop at air intakes and exterior style elements. You’ll find a new set of impressive sports seats and a set of M pedals. The footrest, dashboard, and M pedals are all covered in SensaTec leather upholstery. The M leather steering wheel finishes out the upgrades made to the new BMW Z4. Does this mean the upgrades for this new sports car have everything to do with style and nothing to do with performance?

Don’t fix what isn’t broken

The powertrains developed alongside the Toyota team when building the new Supra make their way under the latest version of the Z4. The base engine only offered in the United States, is the 2.0-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine under the hood of the sDrive30i. This model makes 255 horsepower. Of course, if you choose the M40i, you’ll find 382 horsepower that comes out of an incredible 3.0-liter 6-cylinder engine. Both engines continue to use an 8-speed automatic transmission to deliver the smooth shifting expected from this impressive sports car. Rumors have been flying of a six-speed manual transmission for the United States, but these are nothing but rumors so far.

Could the BMW Z4 be the right sports car?

When torn between the new version of the Z4 and other two-seat sports cars, you’ll want to understand the pros and cons of what this car offers. Some of these are:


  • Civilized and easy to live with by roadster standards
  • Sweet, powerful turbocharged engines and handling to match
  • Delightful with the top down, comfort and quiet with it up


  • Not as sharp a sports car as rivals from Porsche and Jaguar
  • No Manual transmission option
  • Closely related Toyota GR Supra costs less, offers more enthusiast-focused experience

This car doesn’t have much competition

The new Z4 is sold with the convertible top as part of the standard package. This is a rare thing to find in sports cars these days. Even the related Supra is sold with a hardtop and not as a convertible. The Z4 is in the luxury category, which makes it almost a singular model in this niche class. The Z4 is an excellent vehicle to bring luxury and comfort to the market.

Not affordable, but it is

When you consider some of the other two-seat roadsters in the market, you won’t look at the 2023 BMW Z4 as an affordable sports car. That said, it’s still cheaper and more affordable than almost all of its luxury-brand competitors. This car brings the joy of driving to the market for the sake of driving. By sports car standards, the Z4 is both practical and comfortable, making it a car that delivers performance and usability in one great package. This means the Z4 is a car that could be great to drive down a country road or through a canyon with several twists and turns, but it’s not ready to win too many races on the track.

Will this new Z4 show up in your driveway?

If you’ve been searching for the right convertible sports car to drive, the 2023 BMW Z4 might be the car that gives you what you’re after. This is a great car for those that want a cool car with some great BMW performance bits. The base model beings at $53,795, while the M40i comes at a starting price of $66,295. These prices don’t put the Z4 out of range for everyone, but it doesn’t make it cheap, either.

Could this impressive performance-oriented convertible roadster become the sports car you love to drive? It could, especially with its new set of appearance features.

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