7 Must-Have Accessories to Enhance Your Car’s Performance

If you love your car and want to enhance its performance, these are the must-have accessories to give you more power, speed, and handling.

Not all muscle cars were made with incredible speed and power, but many were. When you want to turn your classic project car into a racing machine, you’ve got to grab some of these cool items. Of course, you don’t have to drive a classic car for these to work; every car with an internal combustion engine can go a lot faster when you add some of these cool items to the mix.

Cold Air Intake

Cold air works better to make your car faster than warm air. The added density of cold air pushes more air into the motor, increasing the boost you need. Adding a cold air intake is one of the easiest and most important car modifications you can make when you want your car to go faster. The mixture of air and fuel makes your car faster and enables you to accelerate. This means you’ve got the added power required to go fast and hard.

NOS System

You’ve seen it in the movies; adding a Nitrous Oxide (NOS) system in your car can improve the speed you enjoy for short bursts. If you’re looking for a great way to enhance your car’s performance, this is one of the most successful ways to get ahead of the pack. Unfortunately, a NOS system might be illegal in your state, which means you should check to ensure you won’t have your system confiscated when used. If this system is allowed where you live, you’ll have a serious burst of power and performance when you hit the NOS button.


Adding a supercharger to your car is a major modification, but if you want more power and speed, this is one of the best ways to get it. A supercharger compresses air and forces it into the engine to give you more power. When installing a supercharger, you need to connect a chant, belt, and crankshaft to the system, which requires some serious expertise to get the job done. Once complete, you’ll love the added performance offered by a supercharger.

High-Flow Fuel System

Moving air is one way to enhance your car’s performance, but pushing more fuel is another. This means you might want to add high-flow fuel system items to push more gas into the engine. The fuel system upgrades you’ll want to add include high-flow injectors, high-flow filters, high-flow fuel pumps, and bigger gas lines. If you’re not concerned with how much gas your car uses, this is a great way to improve the amount of gas going into the engine to increase power and speed.

Dual Exhaust System

When you see a stock vehicle with two exhaust ports, it might not be equipped wit ha real dual exhaust system. Adding a real system with two pipes that connect to the engine is a great way to increase power and make your car louder. You can delete your catalytic converter and facilitate a smooth flow of exhaust which improves the overall power and speed of your car. Before you make this change, ensure it’s legal in your area otherwise, you could get pulled over and have to change the exhaust back to its stock form.

Drivetrain Upgrades

If you increase the fuel and air pushed through your engine, you should also improve your drivetrain. This means adding more robust parts to handle the added power. You’ll want to improve the flywheels, clutches, differential gears, and driveshafts to deliver more power to the wheels and give you the added speed you want to enjoy. When it’s important to you that you enhance your car’s performance, these are some of the upgrades you’ll want to make to get more speed out of your machine.

Performance Electronics

Unless you have a classic machine that doesn’t include a computer, you’ll need to add some tech to the mix. Adding performance electronics, including a chipset that’s designed to improve the control of the ratio of gas, braking, airflow, and other factors, will help you have a much faster car. You can find some custom performance electronics that can be installed to override the factory settings and give you the added speed you’re looking for. This might be the first upgrade you want to make to ensure you know what your car is capable of before adding other modifications.

Which of these seven improvements will you make to enhance your car’s performance?

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