Acura Charges Towards an Electric Future

Acura is accelerating its transition to electric vehicles, announcing that it will completely bypass hybrids and focus solely on developing EVs. This bold move shows Acura’s commitment to leading innovation and sustainability in the automotive industry. Every Acura dealer across the country will be full of EVs before you know it.

From Design to Your Local Acura Dealer

As part of parent company Honda’s ambitious electrification strategy to make EVs 100% of new vehicle sales by 2040, Acura is pushing ahead full throttle into electric. This aligns with Honda’s impressive track record of advancing EV technology through models like the Honda Clarity and Honda E.

By skipping hybrids altogether, Acura is able to concentrate resources on engineering advanced electric powertrains. While hybrids have become a popular transitional step for automakers, rapid improvements in battery tech are making them less necessary as a bridge to fully electric lineups.

Acura believes focusing entirely on EVs will allow them to bring models to market faster. The brand has already announced plans to launch its first fully electric SUV in 2024. This new EV is expected to share a platform and technologies with Honda models, lowering production costs.

The upcoming electric Acura SUV will be known as the ZDX, reviving a name previously used on a coupe-style crossover. However, the new ZDX will have a more traditional SUV shape, as previewed by the Precision EV concept. A performance-focused ZDX Type S model is also coming.

Sleek and Modern Design


Drawings of the ZDX reveal a sleek, modern exterior with smooth body panels and slender headlights. A unique pentagon-shaped light strip runs along the front grille, reinventing Acura’s signature design element.

The minimalist styling theme continues inside, with a simple layout focused on a wide transparent display panel. Curved screens and haptic touch controls give the cabin a high-tech vibe. Immersive features enhance the driving experience, like Instinctive Drive mode for performance and Spiritual Lounge mode during autonomous driving.

Upscale sustainable materials help connect the ZDX interior to nature while reducing environmental impact. Acura is also emphasizing the fun, engaging dynamics expected from the brand with the precision of electric power delivery.

Shared Platform and Production

The upcoming ZDX will ride on General Motors’ flexible Ultium platform, thanks to a partnership between Honda and GM to co-develop EVs. This modular architecture can accommodate varying battery sizes and configurations.

Production of the ZDX is slated to take place alongside the Cadillac Lyriq at GM’s Tennessee manufacturing plant. The Lyriq already utilizes the Ultium platform, so this should allow for streamlined assembly processes that put EVs on Acura dealer lots in no time.

Acura is gearing up to unveil the ZDX at Monterey Car Week in August 2023. The standard version and Type S high-performance model will both go on sale in early 2024. Pricing and complete specifications remain to be announced.

With the pedal to the metal on electrification through the ZDX, Acura is focused on delivering excitement, innovation, and sustainability for the future of driving. This all-electric SUV will mark a new era for the brand as they charge ahead at the forefront of the EV revolution. Stop by your local Acura dealer to learn more about the future of luxury EVs.

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