2024 Ram TRX Review

Off-road power, exceptional performance, and great drive and handling are just some of the things you can expect out of the 2024 Ram TRX Review. Dubbed the “T-Rex” by Ram enthusiasts (and for very good reason), current models are arguably some of the best high-performing pickups on the market. With news of a 2024 TRX on the horizon, gearheads are gearing up for another wave of impressive RAM power.

Before you visit your local Ram Dealer to test drive available models, read on to learn more about what the 2024 TRX is expected to offer and how it can serve you

A Beauty and a Beast

The TRX is a truck that will have you doing a double-take. The truck’s aggressive body style, exaggerated grill, and beefed-up exterior are a nice contrast to the cabin’s clean, sleek, and welcoming design. Boasting modern tech and top-tier interior appointments like leather seating, and stylized stitching, the TRX’s cabin was designed with comfort in mind.

While the TRX’s beautiful body style is what will catch your eye, it’s the impressive power under the hood that will have you itching for a test drive. The spirit of the TRX is defined by its powerful Hellcat engine that puts out a whopping 702 horsepower and 650 lb-ft of torque. This engine is paired with a high-torque-capacity TorqueFlite 8-speed automatic transmission that drives unrelenting power to the wheels. With a top speed of 118 mph and speeds of 0 to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds, the fun doesn’t have to wait in a Ram TRX.

Ram Takes Power to the Next Level

The Hellcat engine is at the core of what makes the Ram TRX a powerful pickup. When you tack on impressive performance and offroad capability, you’ll get to experience a truck like no other.

The TRX is designed for adventure and offroading, as displayed by its ability to ford up to 32 inches of water, towing capacity of up to 8,100 lbs, and payload capacity of 1,310 lbs.

The TRX’s reinforced steel frame touts a robust suspension system so that you can scramble over rocks, sand, mud, and other rough terrains. Underbody plating, Bilstein remote-reservoir dampers, 15-inch front brakes, and an electronic-locking rear differential speak to the impressive performance of the TRX.

Upgrades Remain Unchanged for 2024

The 2024 Ram TRX will still offer the TR, TR1, and TR2 equipment groups. These equipment groups allow you to tailor the Ram TRX to your comfort needs. The TR equipment group incorporates a cloth and vinyl interior with Dark Ruby Red accents.

Bumping up to the TR1 or TR2 equipment group enables you to enjoy comfort upgrades like leather and suede accents. Seats are also outfitted with heated and ventilated premium Natura Plus leather. TRX red stitching accents and carbon fiber accents also enhance your overall comfort.

Visit your local Ram dealer to learn more about available performance and comfort upgrades.

Price Point for 2024 Ram TRX

While no official pricing has been released for the 2024 Ram TRX, it’s expected that this latest model release will be slightly more expensive than its predecessor. Current models have a starting price point of just over $80,000. The 2024 Ram TRX is expected to push that price point higher, with analysts suggesting an eye-popping $10,000 price increase.

While the 2024 model will not be released anytime soon, you can still test-drive current models by visiting your local Ram dealer today.


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