What Models Did Buick Sell in 1997?

Today, we think of the Buick brand name its four SUVs. A step back in time takes us to a different era to the 1997 Buick models offered.

Maybe Buick has always been about one vehicle type, but that would have been boring. Besides, we can easily find years in which this premium brand featured both cars and SUVs. Still, looking at what Buick offered in 1997, we find a list of sedans with some of the most popular and respected names in automotive history. Let’s explore.

1997 Buick Century

The Buick Century became a much roomier car for this model year. At this time, the Century had been in production for fifteen years. This new for 1997 version used the same platform as the Pontiac Grand Prix, making it larger and more comfortable to drive. In addition to a larger cabin, Buick made improvements to the chassis and suspension. The 1997 Buick Century was only offered with a V6 engine producing 160 horsepower, and it came in two trim levels: Custom and Limited, with the Limited model being the higher trim.

1997 Buick LaSabre

The Buick LaSabre is one of the many transitions the brand made from land yachts to large sedans. As part of the impressive 1997 Buick models, this car received mixed reviews from some who thought it too big to those who loved their ride to church on Sundays. This Buick is known for its smooth ride, large 6-passenger cabin, reliability, low maintenance costs, and impressive engine. In its class, the LaSabre was affordable and impressive, providing the smooth comfort desired for a family outing on the weekend.

1997 Buick Park Avenue

The Park Avenue was one of the most distinguished and popular Buick names for many years, and it received a redesign for the 1997 model year. This new car was based on the Riviera’s chassis, using the same engine and transmission options. The Park Avenue boasted a supercharged version in the Ultra trim, which took horsepower from 205 to 240 using the 3.8-liter V6 engine. Regardless of trim, this Buick sedan boasts an improved interior design and better luxury features to ensure excellence on the road.

1997 Buick Regal

The Regal fits in the midsize area of the 1997 Buick models. This car was well-known as a dependable car that boasted good fuel mileage for the time. For some drivers, the Regal offered enough power to feel fast, with its lighter build than other Buicks of the time. This impressive sedan topped the list in the midsize category, provided a sleek design, and showed itself as a powerful, comfortable, and dependable car to drive wherever you wanted to go. The Regal was one of the most popular choices offered at most Buick dealerships.

1997 Buick Riviera

The 1997 version of the Buick Riviera brought an improved 4-speed automatic transmission to the mix for the V6 engine. For owners who chose the supercharged version, a heavy-duty version of the transmission was offered. The Riviera was one of the sporty coupes in the Buick lineup, giving owners a long, lean, and athletic car to drive and enjoy. This Buick boasted excellent ride comfort, handling, and leather upholstery to make it an impressive car from every angle.

1997 Buick Skylark Coupe

The 1997 Buick models listed two Skylark versions, a coupe and a sedan. The coupe was an excellent midsize vehicle with good horsepower, features, and a sporty feeling on any road. This version delivered 155 horsepower and came with an affordable starting price. Because of this, the Skylark 2D Coupe Custom was one of the most popular choices in 1997. This car offered the look you wanted without going overboard on power and performance. When it came to the Buick Skylark, you could have premium qualities without being concerned about taking things too seriously.

1997 Buick Skylark Sedan

The sedan version of the 1997 Buick Skylark became an even bigger hit than the coupe. This car could fit a growing family while delivering up to 38 mpg on the highway, which was sensational in 1997. Although not overpowered, the Skylark was fun to drive and was considered a safe city car, making it a good option for most driving needs. This was the small Buick sedan many turned to when they wanted something a little nicer than a Chevy.

These cars comprised the 1997 Buick models and gave us some excellent choices with classic names that we loved. Do you remember driving or riding in any of these Buick cars?

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