Green and Spacious: Exploring the Latest Lineup of Family EVs Redefining the Road

Electric vehicles used to be small with short driving distances. Today, several family EVs give you the eco-friendly driving experience you desire.

It wasn’t that long ago that electric vehicles were nothing more than novelty items in the automotive industry. Fast-forward ten years, and we see several new models that fit every need while using nothing but electricity for fuel. When you’re looking for a vehicle that works great for your family, you’ll want to consider one of these family-friendly EVs.

Kia EV9

The Kia EV9 is a brand-new member of the Kia electric vehicle lineup. This SUV brings three rows of seats, giving you room for eight people to ride along together. The EV9 offers impressive features, a spacious interior, and a near-luxury quality that you won’t find in every EV. This Kia delivers a driving range between 230 and 304 miles on a single charge, depending on the trim chosen. This Kia EV can add 200 miles of range in only 18 minutes when using a DC fast charger. In addition to three rows of seats, this electric SUV has 44 cubic feet of space when the third row is folded.

Tesla Model Y

The best-selling family EV is the Tesla Model Y. This little SUV has a much lower price than a couple of years ago, making it an SUV you’ll save some money on. This SUV is now priced below $50,000, especially when you calculate the point-of-sale EV tax credit. The driving range of the Model Y is between 279 and 330 miles, depending on the trim. When plugged into a fast charger, 200 miles of range can be added in only 15 minutes.

Hyundai Ioniq 5

When you only need two rows of seats in your EV, the Hyundai Ioniq 5 is a great choice. This electric crossover can be perfect for your family to go wherever you need to. The Ioniq 5 won the Car and Driver 2022 EV of the Year Award, which is an added endorsement for this Hyundai. The driving range is between 220 and 303 miles, and 200 miles of range can be added in only 20 minutes. You’ll have 27.2 cubic feet of space behind the second row of seats.

Volkswagen ID.4

You might not think the Volkswagen ID.4 would qualify for the Federal EV Tax Credit, but it does. This impressive little SUV is made at the Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga, TN, which makes it an American-made model. The ID.4 can be a good family EV with a decent driving range and up to 30.3 cubic feet of cargo space behind the second row of seats. The charging speed for this VW EV is a little slower than that of some of the others, but you can add 190 miles of range in as little as 30 minutes.

Kia EV6

Another excellent choice in the electric SUV market is the Kia EV6. This SUV provides between 274 and 310 miles of driving range, depending on the trim. This Kia uses the same e-GMP platform as the Hyundai Ioniq 5, making it an excellent choice. You’ll have up to 24.4 cubic feet of cargo room behind the rear seats and a flat floor to make the cabin much more comfortable.

Ford Mustang Mach-E

One of the most fun and active electric vehicles is the Ford Mustang Mach-E. You might not consider the Mustang name to be associated with a family EV, but there’s room for five people and cargo in this electric vehicle. Instead of wearing a new name, this electric Mustang brings you good driving range, excellent acceleration, and a lot of fun on the road. There’s 29.7 cubic feet of cargo room behind the rear seats, making this an impressive model for you to take what you want with you when you hit the road.

Tesla Model X

When you’ve got an itch for a luxury-level electric SUV, the Telsa Model X is an excellent choice. This SUV has a large glass roof and gullwing rear doors that make it interesting and unique. As a tech-friendly vehicle, you’ll find interesting and futuristic features throughout this impressive new SUV. The driving range can reach 351 miles, and up to 200 miles can be added in only 150 minutes of charging when using the Tesla Supercharging network. You’ll find three rows of seats and ample cargo room in this electric SUV.

These seven family EVs could make it much easier for you to enjoy driving your family wherever you need to go. Which one will you choose for your family?

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