Introducing the Kia EV3: Everything You Need to Know About Kia’s New EV

When you go to a Kia dealer later this summer, there will be a new, even more affordable EV to see. The Kia EV3 was first revealed as a concept during Kia’s first annual EV day last October and at the Los Angeles Auto Show last year, and it’s expected that the production version will hit Kia dealers sometime this summer.

A Compact Electric SUV

The wraps have finally come off Kia’s new compact SUV, and it’s no surprise that it’s an EV. The EV looks a lot like the larger EV9, but it’s compressed into a compact. The new EV3 will be built on the E-GMP platform, but Kia has not announced what this new SUV will have for a powertrain. Don’t be surprised to see both single-motor and dual-motor setups, though.

A Sustainable Interior

Many of the materials in the cabin will be plant-based, and if the production is similar to the concept, it will have a minimalist feel. The concept has one large screen for the infotainment touchscreen and the driver information screen, but the production should arrive at your Kia dealer with the next-generation CCNC infotainment system. This new system upgrades the dashboard design and improves the user experience and user interface. It will have over-the-air updates and wireless phone projection capability.

Kia’s Plan for an Electric Future

The EV3 is just one of the electric vehicles in Kia’s future. In addition to this compact SUV, they also have plans for an EV2, EV4, and EV5. But the big news is Kia is also shifting toward hybrids, too. They recently announced that in order to effectively respond to what their consumers want, they are changing their long-term strategy. They now plan to introduce more hybrids in their lineup in addition to the low-cost EVs such as the EV3. You can expect to see hybrid versions of their already popular models, such as the Carnival. In 2025, they plan to release six HEVs and another eight in 2026.

How Big Will the Kia EV3 Be?

The new EV3 will be about the same size as the Hyundai Kona. It will be about 170 inches long and 72 inches wide. This will give passengers plenty of room in the cabin to sit comfortably.

What! A GT-Line Is Coming, too!

Not only will the EV3 arrive with a lineup of standard models, but a sporty GT-Line is expected to arrive, too. This version will have a redesigned front bumper and more aggressive-looking exterior lines.

Get Ready, the Kia EV3 is Coming Soon!

While there is still a lot to learn about the Kia EV3, spotters have spotted the production version being tested out in the wild. It won’t be long before you can see it in person at a Kia dealer. Stay tuned to find out more. You don’t want to miss this new Kia.


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