Audi e-tron Recalled for Faulty Brake Hoses, Like Taycan

Are electric vehicles old enough to have recalls? Some are, and one such model that faces a recent recall is the Audi e-tron.

It should come as no surprise that the e-tron faces a recall. Not long ago, Porsche issued a recall for the Taycan in the United States. The Audi and Porsche electric vehicles are built using the same platform, which means the two brands and models should face similar recalls for shared equipment. In this case, the issue has to do with the braking system on the Audi EVs, which could become a serious problem if not corrected.

How many Porsche Taycan models are under recall?

The Porsche Taycan quickly became the brand’s top-selling vehicle when it hit the market. Unfortunately, that popularity means many models have been recalled, with this figure totaling 30,000 Taycans.

Thankfully, the numbers aren’t quite as high for the Audi e-tron vehicles under a similar recall. The versions being recalled are the RS e-tron GT and GT models in the United States and Canada. The total number of vehicles is 9,653 in the US and 536 GT models in Canada, with 211 RS e-tron GT models recalled in Canada.

Although these numbers are small, the problem is one that shouldn’t be ignored by owners.

What’s going on with the braking system?

Audi was given an NHTSA recall notice regarding these electric vehicles, which stated the front brake hoses could crack due to excessive bending and overstraining of the material used. When these hoses crack, brake fluid can begin to leak, which causes the brake pedal travel to become extended, making it harder to stop quickly when necessary. This issue could also mean extended braking distances and potential failure of the front brakes if all of the fluid leaks out.

Will owners be warned of the problem?

Owners could receive a warning message of low brake fluid levels if the brake lines in the Audi e-tron models crack. The recall notices have been issued for these Audi EVs in the United States and Canada. The recall is for 2022-2024 e-tron GT models built between March 26, 2021, and June 12, 2024, for US models. The 2022-2024 RS e-tron GT models were manufactured from March 18, 2021, and June 12, 2024.

When was Audi informed of a potential problem?

When the Porsche Taycan was recalled for the potential irregularity in the front brake hoses, Audi was informed of the issue. Both brands conducted tests and simulations of the brake hoses before issuing a recall. Currently, there are two warranty claims related to these hoses for Audi vehicles, but so far, no injuries or crashes have been reported for either brand.

When will owners be informed of the recall?

US owners of affected Audi e-tron models will be informed of the recall on August 16, 2024. Dealers have been given instructions on how to replace the front brake hoses with new ones. This should be the same direction given for Porsche Taycan models that must have the same brake hoses replaced. These new hoses have been used and in production for over a month without any issues during testing or use.

Will this recall turn shoppers away?

Recalls are part of the automotive industry; actually, they are part of every manufacturing industry. The Audi e-tron GT is an incredible electric car that packs a serious punch. This amazing supercar can rocket to 60 mph in 3.9 seconds, thanks to the 522 horsepower and incredible electric motor layout present in this car. Audi also includes its Quattro AWD technology for the EV power to reach all four wheels, making it easy for this car to hit 152 mph, which is its limited top speed.

In addition to its incredible performance, the e-tron GT is an elegant-looking EV that will keep your gaze and never give it back. The thin laser headlights look great and fit the sports car style that’s part of this futuristic Audi. The e-tron rides on a wide track and has a set of 20-inch alloy wheels, which are a standard part of what you can expect to find on this impressive Audi EV.

Looking to the rear, we see a light bar that runs the width of the car, acting as the taillights. This is a new light bar design that’s becoming part of the Audi lineup and shows up on many new models.

This new recall shouldn’t turn any shoppers off to the Audi e-tron lineup. Those looking for an exciting and fun electric vehicle will find everything they want in the e-tron.

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