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Buying a Car is a Visual Experience

As the internet becomes more and more important in the overall sales experience in the car business, the visual aspect of digital marketing enters more squarely in focus. People love to see cars online. They can easily find the specs and read the reviews, but the point that usually makes them get away from their computer and drive down the road to the dealership is the moment they can visualize themselves driving it.

For this reason, images are still arguably the most important component of digital marketing. It's not just about how many pictures you put; most dealers are starting to plug in images inside and out from every possible angle on their listings. It's also about the quality of the image, the emotion it invokes, and the way that it's positioned on the screen (and therefore in their minds).

In an article we found on AutoRemarketing, LotVantage's Jim Jabaay breaks down the importance of pictures in the modern car-selling strategy.

The good part about improving the way you position images on your website and third-party sites is that it’s really easy. Small changes are usually all that are needed to make your images stand out better to potential customers.

The bad part is that many dealers do not consider it a priority. They don’t know what they’re missing out on because it’s not a glaring hole in their marketing at initial glance.

Read more on AutoRemarketing.

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