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The car business has always been one that is very insulated. Many of the promotions that happen at companies are either internal or from other companies in the business. Most dealers promote from within as well and many of the general managers and owners of dealerships started off on the sales floor or in the make-ready department.

There's an exception to this trends. Automotive marketing vendors tend to pull talent from the outside. A lot of companies start as non-automotive marketing vendors and either branch off automotive departments or form entire new companies, filling the talent roster from top to bottom with non-automotive people. This should change.

In an article on Driving Sales by Tyson Madliger, we explore the idea that the majority of talent brought into an automotive vendor should come from the dealership level itself.

Things have changed. A valid argument can be made that the car business is the most savvy industry that's not based in Silicon Valley and that we're trendsetters for digital marketing practices. It's not just the vendors doing the innovating anymore. Anyone who has been to a Driving Sales Executive Summit knows that the best ideas come from dealers.

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Are Dealers Creating a Bottleneck?

In the car business, most of the problems that happen can be blamed on the manufacturers themselves. They aren't doing it intentionally, but sometimes it seems that they can't get out of their own way to allow dealers to work with customers appropriately.

There's an alternative view, though, from Bill Playford on DealerRefresh:

Let me state, I loved being a commissioned salesperson. Nothing quite beats the rush of selling a (rare) car for more than sticker, or upfitting a truck for snowplow duty. The problem is that it didn’t benefit the manufacturer when I did that. Nor did it benefit the manufacturer when I brokered deals with other dealers so that I could sell other brands of vehicles. The customer and I won, but the manufacturer still lost. That created a bottleneck for the OEM because of my own personal motivations.

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Is Edmunds Biting the Hand that Feeds It?

A new commercial created by automotive pricing and lead-generating company Edmunds makes a mockery of the haggling process utilized by most car dealerships. It's causing an outcry by many in the industry and makes one wonder if they're really serious about helping dealers to sell more cars.

Their "Haggling is absurd!" video captures the reactions of grocery store shoppers as they are hit with outrageous prices for their food items. Then, a checkout clerk who is supposed to represent a car salesman utilizes old school stereotypes and poor haggling practices to try to get people to overpay for their items. It's funny. It's also insulting.

As we mentioned in an article before about the modern buying process, the industry is trying to fight these old stereotypes. Buying a car in the digital age is nothing like it was just a couple of decades ago, but there's still a perception that car salespeople are still rip-off artists. When insider companies like Edmunds perpetuate this invalid perception, is it really good for the industry? Are they really here to help dealers sell more cars or are they against the dealer?

Here's the video followed by links from the a couple of news publications covering it.

Here is coverage on Automotive News and Dealer Refresh.

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