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Dealer Technologies Need Discernment

There are plenty of new technologies popping up in the automotive industry every day. It's not just the fancy new gadgets on cars. Even in the retail and servicing components of vehicles and their sales, the technologies that drive dealerships are becoming more advanced. There are also more choices, though, and with more choices comes the possibility of making mistakes.

An article on DealerTrack caught our attention. While it's not the best writing in the world (a company bought for billions shouldn't have grammatical mistakes in their blog posts) and the technologies highlighted aren't exactly cutting edge, it highlights the importance of discernment. When given so many choices, making the right one can be challenging.

As car shoppers continue to prioritize online as the first step in their car shopping experience, it’s more important than ever for dealers to leverage digital retailing in their workflow solutions. Today’s 21st century car shopper demands transparency and consistency, which is why an online showroom is just as critical as an in-store showroom. In 2014, dealers who invested in digital retailing, advertising and mobile technologies achieved new levels of customer engagement and dealership profitability.

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...let’s take a look at some of the changes that did take place for Ram in 2017 and highlight them for you.

Ram is Experiencing the Calm Before the Storm - eCar Brief


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Is Porsche Being Stingy?

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