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Falling Facebook Likes is a Good Thing

In the early days of Facebook marketing, many vendors and dealers focused on the number of likes they could get to their page. This was important because those who liked a page were the most likely to see the posts in their news feed. Today, with organic reach pretty close to being dead, likes have take a backseat to reach and engagement.

Facebook is furthering the call for a lowered focus on likes by going directly after them. They are killing off zombie accounts and this is a very good thing. If you see the likes on your page reduced, you know that it's just Facebook's way of dissolving the fakery that's been happening on the site for a while.

As Willis Williams put it on ADM:

The important thing to remember is that Facebook filters out fake profiles better than anyone else. That’s why it’s always been hard for people to “buy likes” for Facebook in recent years. You will lose likes during the purge but it won’t be catastrophic.

Read more on ADM.

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Did Facebook and Ferrari Collude to Steal a Fan Page?

"Collusion" is a strong word to use, one that can get people in hot legal waters, particularly when going against mega-companies like Facebook and Ferrari. With no legal background and only a cursory understanding of the situation, we're prepared to call it what we think it is. Ferrari and Facebook colluded to take a fan page from someone who was simply better at social media than the manufacturer was.

According to a story on Automotive News, Olivier and Sammy Wasem created a fan page (completely legal and within the bounds of Facebook's TOS) in 2008 that went on to become more popular than the official Ferrari fan page. As a result, the page was given over to the company despite the work that the Swiss father and son had put into it. Again, we don't know all of the details, but on the surface it certainly sounds like the big guys squashing the insignificant little guys. If it's true, shame on both Ferrari and Facebook for being so obtuse.

"Ferrari wanted it," the Wasems said in a complaint filed Oct. 14 in San Mateo County Superior Court. "So, with Facebook's knowledge and substantial assistance, Ferrari took it."

Read more on Automotive News.

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General Motors and Facebook go back a long way. They were one of the early adopters of Facebook advertising. Then, they were notable for pulling out shortly before Facebook went public. A year later, they made waves again by getting back into the advertising ring.

Now, they're using Facebook to reach people with an important recall.

Despite the fact that the news anchor called them "General Mills", we all know the car maker and the recall problem. This is one of their most important ones ever because of the fatality rate with "dozens who have lost their lives" as a result of the faulty ignition switches preventing airbags from being deployed.

General Motors is stepping up to try to prevent more from happening. Here's the news report:

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Follow DealerBar on Facebook

Here's our self-promotional piece. We promise we won't be doing it often.

Facebook has become one of the most prominent methods of communication. There are several places on Facebook where car dealers and automotive vendors like to dwell. We'd love to be one of them!

If you haven't already, please take a moment and like our page on Facebook. We don't over-post so no worries about us flooding your news feed. We won't just be promotional, either; many of the things we post on Facebook are on other websites, not just ours.

Thank you for your support!

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