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The Point has Moved

Anyone who has sold cars is probably familiar with standing on "the point." If someone is hungry for an up (or if their managers tell them to be hungry for an up), they'll go to the places on the lot where they're most likely to find someone interested in buying a vehicle. This often yielded the concept of "drive time" when being out on the lot was an imperative. These high-traffic times drove sales for a long time, but today the point has moved. It's online.

Dealers that want to be dominant must address the concept of being where their customers are online. That means search. That means properly managed websites. That means social media. In this article on DrivingSales, Christine Robertson explores the concept of being on the digital point during a 24-hour drive time period.

The points have moved. There are several locations to post up, and none of them are on the sidewalk. First, you need to be present in search results pages on Google, Yahoo, and Bing, on page one, at the top and/or right hand column, in the sponsored results. Some people click the first result they see. Be that. But that’s not nearly enough. More savvy shoppers look past the paid ads, to the organic listings, these are also your points. You need to back up your paid ad with organic listings because the combination instills confidence in the shopper that you are, in fact, an authority on the matter. Imagine all 10 organic listing on page one are your points, you should be stationed at as many of them as possible during drive time.

Read more on DrivingSales.

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