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AutoNation Drops TrueCar

Clash of the Titans wasn't a very good movie originally and it got even worse when it was remade. Had they gone with this storyline instead of Greek mythology, they may have gotten a better response. It's the big boys in nationwide dealership retail versus the rising juggernaut in consumer price beating as AutoNation starts the war with TrueCar by cancelling the service. Of course, if you listen to TrueCar's story, you'll find that they were the ones who did the cancelling over data-sharing compliance.

It doesn't really matter who did what. The relationship is over and it's going to get ugly from here. TrueCar has been facing heat from dealers across the nation over their business practices while consumer advocacy groups have been heralding their service. Will AutoNation lose out on the 3% of their business that TrueCar was supplying or will a focus on internal marketing make up the difference? We will see. Here's what Automotive News had to say about it.

AutoNation, the country’s largest new-car retailer, informed TrueCar executives Thursday that its dealerships would stop using the Internet vehicle shopping service at the end of July. Today, 226 of AutoNation’s 240 U.S. dealerships use TrueCar’s services.

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