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There's Gold in those Social Media Hills

One of the biggest complaints about automotive social media is that it hasn't yielded ROI in the way that most dealers expected. It was supposed to be a golden nugget of sales and service that could drive more eyeballs to a website and more visitors to the showroom because so many people are on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. The results have not been as favorable as expected. In fact, many dealers have given up on the concept of social media being more than a place that they have to watch for the sake of their reputation.

This is apparently an incorrect notion. Social media has ROI for car dealers according to an article on DealerOctane. The concept is that by taking the data that social media offers, dealers can hyper-target individual car buyers in ways not common on other advertising venues:

The time spent on social media is, in essence, money. Any time spent crafting Facebook posts or replying to comments is time that could be spent selling more cars. However, it has become a necessity for aggressive car dealers to take advantage of social media’s power of reach, so at least some effort is put into it. Then, there’s the budget factor. Social media, despite what many are still claiming to the contrary, is pay-to-play. Thankfully, the amount that one needs to spend on social media advertising is minimal compared to just about any other type of marketing.

Read more on DealerOctane.

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