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This is the type of article that probably doesn't qualify as a "best practice", but it fits in this section nonetheless because it's sort of like a mission statement. With all of the automotive social networks out there, one might question the need to have another one popping up. This one is different.

Unlike some of the great sites out there, this is not intended to be a "vendorfest" type of network. Vendors are encouraged to post here and comment, of course, but we are posting things here with the general dealership body in mind. It's a bad business practice; there's pretty much no chance that we'll ever be able to sell advertising or even spark up many conversations, but that's not the point at all.

DealerBar is network that has three primary sections. The first and most prominent is the blog section at the top. Unlike most other networks, the content here will be unique. Nothing syndicated. Nothing duplicated without our permission. Those who post here must do so with an understanding that they cannot post it on any of the other social networks.

The reason we do this is simple. While some of the content that is syndicated on other automotive networks is good, there is also plenty of bad stuff out there. Low-quality, pitchy, or irrelevant posts can fill some of the other networks and we don't want that action here.

The second section, visible on the right sidebar from the homepage, is "Around the Web". This is where we take stories about the industry from around the web and write about it. It utilizes the "HuffPo" journalistic style; we won't be simply regurgitating what others have posted elsewhere. Instead, we'll add our own brief thoughts and then link to the original source. This makes it more of a quick scan section - if something is interesting, we have no problem with sharing it here and encouraging people to join discussions already underway on other sites. Since we're not making money off of this site, there is no need to make it sticky. If the news is elsewhere, then we want to promote it and link to it.

The last section is the "Best Practice Articles" section. This is at the bottom. It's where we will publish infrequently but we hope to only post the best content available, the type of stuff that can be pertinent now as well as in the future.

We encourage members to post to any of the sections. We reserve the right to delete anything that is syndicated, irrelevant, or of low value, but we definitely want dealers and vendors to share the best ideas and strategies that they have on this network. Think of it as an exclusive club. We're not going to be promoting this site to get to the thousands of members that other networks have.

We aren't for everyone, but we might be right for you. Enjoy!


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"The other sites just have too much spam."
That was the complaint that we received most often when discussing with dealers and other vendors about the variety of sites out there that serve the automotive industry. One would have to sift through sale…
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A number of traffic accidents are associated with distracted driving. This includes the use of mobiles which results in severe injuries or even loss of life.The continuous pings on our phones happen to distract us. You feel the urge to attend that m…
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The job of mining was always filled with the challenge of transporting the mineral yield down the mountain. In spite of the mineral richness of the Bradshaw Mountains, Crown King and other surrounding mines didn’t exactly pan out in terms…

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"Agreed - tracking the ROI of marketing campaigns can be a tricky subject. Especially when it is hard to trace blog posts and social media marketing to conversions then to sales. Prospects can hear about your company through a post then call-in, whic…"
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