A number of traffic accidents are associated with distracted driving. This includes the use of mobiles which results in severe injuries or even loss of life.The continuous pings on our phones happen to distract us. You feel the urge to attend that message. Since we feel that it could be an urgent ‘call that person now’ or ‘I need help’ from our known people, you end up taking one glance which could be dangerous as well. Once nothing goes wrong, you feel and think that you could do it again.

You can always buy the latest technological vehicle. But, since upgrading and financing for a techno-savvy Mercedes car would seem costly, you can upgrade your Mercedes car with better Mercedes wheels that ensure the cars’ grip on roads.

The use of this mobile device can also save your life. Therefore, here are 4 ways which technology can help you stop the problem of distraction while driving. 

1.   Applications To The Rescue 

There are several applications that could be installed just for the purpose to save you from getting distracted while driving. Apps like Hands-free Aids make you keep your hands on the steering while by reading your messages aloud and performing more functions. 

Apps like FleetSafer, now known as Aegis Mobility, automatically locks the phone while driving to prevent calls and messages. Additionally, it will send auto-reply texts to the incoming messages and mails. This app can be used via telematics, Bluetooth or GPS systems.

 2.   Creating Technology Smart Cars

 As technology plays a very significant role in our life, the need of creating a technology savvy car could be beneficial. Cars which ensure that the drivers ride safely and interact with messages and calls without touching the device would be a boon. For example: Ford’s SYNC system reads aloud the messages and sends messages as dictated by the user. 

3.   Driver Zones In Cars 

There has been a technology that could block all incoming calls and messages to the driver only. This is the Drive ID by Cellcontrol. It is a solar-powered app that is supposed to be mounted to the windshield of the car below the rearview mirror. 

This app doesn’t detect who is driving but it blocks all the alerts only for the driver and not the other passengers. In addition to this, Cellcontrol notifies the driver and administrator such as a parent by scoring the driver based on their speed, sudden harsh brakes, acceleration, etc. This feedback helps in becoming a better driver and avoids maximum distractions while driving.

Several applications have been created and pre-installed ‘do not disturb’ applications like airplane mode should be used. But after all, it is the drivers’ responsibility to download such apps or to actually tap the airplane mode to avoid distraction.

Car manufacturers have started to install vehicles with technologies that help the driver to keep their eyes on the road rather than checking the phone’s messages. Soon, self-driving cars could eliminate the distractions while driving and prevent the accidents.

It is not necessary that you have to buy the cars with the pre-installed features. You should follow the safety tips that can prevent you from checking your phone. You can download applications that prevent you from touching your phone, especially when you are driving or put your device on airplane mode or park your vehicle on a side to answer a text or a call, if necessary. After all, safe driving is sane driving! 

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