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With gas prices rising astronomically in the 2005-2010 years and only recently stabilizing, many auto makers went into action trying to create vehicles that were more fuel efficient and help consumers spend less money at the gas pump.  In 2008 the smart fortwo debuted as an alternative to larger more cumbersome vehicles and gained a ton of interest especially from a crowd that is not only working to be eco-friendly, but also does not need a lot of car to get where they need to go on a daily basis.  Built as a fantastic commuter vehicle the smart fortwo is a car that offers an easy drive for anyone to enjoy and is capable of weaving in and out of city traffic, parking almost anywhere, and is very fuel efficient for owner to take advantage of an easy drive to and from work.

Obviously size does matter with this car, the smart fortwo is not a car that can easily be taken on the highway and is more suited for taking care of business in a city.  For anyone who is a city dweller, this is a good choice as parking will be easy and the car will get to the destination without too much hassle.  The fortwo does have an electric version which makes a great choice for those who would rather avoid a gas pump at all when they are puttering around town.

With a new design scheduled for 2016 and the entrance of a great deal of competition including the Nissan Versa, Chevrolet Spark, Ford Fiesta and Kia Rio, the expectation is the fortwo for next year will offer a lot more than what is in the car now.  Even with that said, the 2015 model is a nice choice to fill the needs of a great deal of the city slickers who would rather have their own vehicle and not rely on public transportation.

Driving the fortwo is actually very enjoyable in the city environment.  Built to dispel potholes and handle the different challenges found in the city environment this car is not a bad choice at all when the commute is short and the need is a car that can find a parking spot anywhere.  If the car is required to head out on the highway often, owners will most likely find themselves looking elsewhere quickly as the steering, which is not power, requires constant correction and the engine is really not made to reach or sustain highway speeds for any length of time.

With two power options the smart fortwo allows shoppers to choose gas or electric power.  The gas powered engine comes in the form of a 1.0-liter inline three-cylinder engine that offers 70 horsepower and 68 lb.-ft. of torque.  This engine is mated to a five-speed automated manual transmission that allows the car to offer a fuel efficiency of 34 city/38 hwy mpg.  The one real knock on this setup other than the size is the fact it requires premium gasoline to operate this car.

For the fortwo the electric option comes in as a 74 horsepower 96 lb.-ft. torque 55-kilowat electric motor that offers a range of 68 miles on a full charge.  This engine can be recharged in six hours on a 240-volt outlet making it an easy car to enjoy by being fully charged overnight.  The fuel efficiency shows up as a 122 city/93 hwy mpg equivalent making it a great choice, especially for those who plant to stay in the city with the car.

Even though this is a tiny-looking car, there is plenty of head and legroom for two full grown adults to enjoy the ride inside the fortwo.  The dashboard offers a floating design that adds a bit of interest and a thought of actual spaciousness inside the vehicle.  With a little bit of cargo space behind the seats, 7.8 cubic feet to be exact, there is room to take a duffle or briefcase to the office or carry a few groceries home after a long day and with a folding passenger seat, longer items can be carried as well.

On the outside the fortwo is highly recognizable as a car that looks like a thought from an 80’s movie futuristic vehicle.  This tiny car is only 106.1 inches long, which is half the size of a full size sedan and really looks like it has already encountered a head on collision as it is squished together and tall.  The clamshell opening of the tailgate and liftgate in the rear offers the ability for owners to load items easily.  The Cabriolet model offers an automatic soft top to offer the ability for owners to enjoy a little bit of a convertible feel.

The Pure trim of the fortwo is extremely basic offering only air conditioning and a cup holder as its standard features to tout.  The Passion trim comes in with power windows and a two-speaker audio system to add some tunes to the ride.  Regardless of the trim, the power steering is an option and not a standard feature which is a huge knock on this car.

The optional features for the fortwo come in the form of the power windows, cruise control and an audio system for the Pure trim.  The Passion trim can add heated leather seats, a 6.5-inch touch screen navigation system with Bluetooth connectivity, and a surround sound system.  Adding even more the Brabus style package can be added and the convertibles can be had with either a blue or red soft top.  The plug-in model even offers the look of a Kinetic Green Appearance Package to help it stand out in a crowd.

At the base model the fortwo comes in at $14,000 for the Pure trim.  The Passion trim comes in at $15,680 and the Passion cabriolet convertible shows up at $18,680.  The electric-drive starts at $25,750 and the convertible model of this version comes in at $28,750.  These prices make the smart fortwo a great buy and very convenient for city only drivers.  

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