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The Impreza has enjoyed a long and storied history of being one of the most active and attractive cars especially for tuner lovers. This car has stood out among its classmates as one of the few hatchbacks with standard all-wheel drive, which is actually found on every trim level of this awesome little car. This singular difference has been enough for many to make the choice to purchase the Impreza over other vehicle models, but is no longer the only reason to purchase the Impreza.

For the 2014 model Subaru added several in car features that make the car one of the most impressive models on the road. This of course means the 2015 version is even better. These upgrades include better surface materials on all trim levels, a better 2.0-liter flat-four and thicker side glass windows to give a much better insulation from the noises outside. Having these features added makes the Impreza even more impressive than it has been in the past. With these features the Impreza becomes more than just a tuner car that many use to add power and drag race, but can be a sensible choice for anyone who wants a great car with all-wheel drive as a standard feature.

The standard AWD is not all that is awesome about the Impreza. In addition to the great new features mentioned this car has a quicker steering than ever before. This gives you the confidence to drive the Impreza under a wide variety of conditions. This car is a great choice for you if you love the outdoors and want to enjoy the adventures of skiing, climbing or heading for any outdoor adventure. It’s also fantastic for adventurous driving on any road, especially one that has a ton of great curves and turns to enjoy and challenge the AWD and new steering system.

Even though the engine power only comes up to 148 horsepower, this new version of the Impreza is full of surprises. The new infotainment system keeps this little beauty well-connected to the rest of the world while the awesome driving experience you gain from this car is rarely matched. It may be compact but it certainly packs a huge punch when it comes to driving and the powertrain makes it easy for you to enjoy a continued adventure with excellent fuel mileage and great fun on and off the road.

Yes, the Impreza can head off road when called upon to do so. It makes light work of light trails and if you live in a climate that will have you driving through a lot of snow or rain the Impreza will make it so you can keep on going even when others have quit. Subaru has certainly upped their game starting with last year’s models of the Impreza. This continues to be the case for 2015 where you can find some awesome new cars at the Subaru dealer where you will be pleasantly surprised by the awesome prices and cars that you can enjoy.

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