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Toyota is becoming a very American company. From earning the title of most American-Made cars with Camry and Sienna, to helping our veterans recover after being injured while on active tour, Toyota is proving its dedication to the United States and its customers. Romy Camargo was on his 3rd tour in Afghanistan when his patrol was ambushed. He was shot by a sniper bullet, and his life was changed forever.

With the help of Toyota, Camargo and his wife have opened up Stay in Step, which is a non-profit recovery center dedicated to helping spinal cord injury patients take a step forward toward recovery. The facility offers treatment, rehabilitation, and support services to veterans and civilians in Tampa, FL.

Toyota donated $300,000 to the cause to help get them to the $750,000 fundraising goal. The facility had its grand opening June 30th, 2015 and the Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer Simon Nagata presented the center a 2015 Toyota Sienna, that was wheelchair accessible. Toyota is helping spinal cord injured people “move forward.”

Toyota is committed to the Stay in Step program by more than just donating the $300,000 to the center, they are applying the strength and expertise of their research, engineering and robotics to help those who are injured look forward to a recovery. Toyota’s partner robots are being developed to assist people in their everyday activities.

They hope to serve the mobility needs of veterans and people around the world by sharing this technology. With the support of Toyota and other partners, the Stay in Step program have built up a center that can impact the lives of many veterans and civilians alike in the Tampa, Fl area.

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