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Vans and minivans may not be the picture of driving excitement, but it is important, especially for a business that relies on their van, to have a great deal of power to get the job done.  With a typical function, getting people or products safely from one place to another, this is a list of the highest horsepower vans for the new model year.

Ford Transit 350 Van – Built on the same chassis as the F-350, the Transit Van offers a great deal of ability to handle the work load.  This van is powered by a 3.7-liter Flex Fuel V6 engine that offers 275 horsepower to make a great van for any business needs.

Ford Transit 250 Van – With the same build characteristics in mind as the F-250, this van shows up without the dually style rear axle and plenty of power to make a great choice for any business.  The ability to have a longer cargo space allows this van to be great for flooring companies who need a longer van for rolls of carpet.  This van is powered by the same engine as the 350 model.

Ford Transit 150 Wagon – Made on the platform of the F-150, the 150 Wagon is a great passenger van to take plenty of people from one place to another.  A company who specializes in transportation might choose this van as the new addition to their fleet as the one that will be able to be used for a party or for a work crew to get to their destination.

Ford Transit 150 Van – The 150 Van is the cargo version of the 150 Wagon which makes for a great cargo van for any business to load up with tools and materials that need to be protected from the weather.  This is one of the more popular choices for a great work van.

Dodge Grand Caravan Passenger – As the most popular passenger van on the market, the Grand Caravan enters the list with a 3.6-liter Flex Fuel V6 engine that shows off with 283 horsepower and  17 city/25 hwy mpg for owners to enjoy a great deal of fuel savings as well as power under the hood. 

Chrysler Town & Country – The higher trim rated version of the Caravan that carries the Town & Country name comes into the list powered by a 3.6-liter V6 engine that offers up to 283 horsepower for owners to enjoy a powerful and useful van.  The Town & Country brings in a fuel efficiency of 17 city/25 hwy mpg as well to ensure owners have a nice performance for their family to enjoy.

With six vans to choose from and a variety of uses from the heavy duty cargo van to the most popular passenger van there is certainly one or more to take care of the needs of a business or family.  Having the power needed to get the job done offers security and confidence that owners want in their van.

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