Kubota - Do You Need a Kubota Tractor this Winter

Kubota – Do You Need a Kubota Tractor this Winter?

Posted on January 3, 2019

  Is it time for you to have the right tools to be able to move the snow and clear a path on your land? Have you been looking for a vehicle that can be a snow plow in the winter for snow removal and then have a mower deck attached the rest of the year? If so, you’re going to love what Kubota has to offer so that you can get more done on your land than you’ve beenRead More

A Better Kia EV Model is Coming Soon

A Better Kia EV Model is Coming Soon

Posted on December 12, 2018

  Over the past several years, the Kia Soul has been a hatchback that we’ve admired for its fun and funky style that gives us the features and qualities we want to enjoy when it’s time to head out for a drive. While this car has an admirable style, it’s also one that delivers impressive efficiency and allows us to have the drive we need when on a tight budget that won’t open up to a larger model or payingRead More

The Worst Muscles Cars in History

The Worst Muscle Cars in History | Muscle Car Myths Busted

Posted on December 4, 2018

When you think of muscle cars you might think of the 1970 Hemi Cuda or the 1968 Charger, but when you actually take a look at what some cars were able to offer back in the heyday of the muscle car, you’ll be shocked to see the numbers. Why was there such a problem? The regulations that were put in place in 1971 caused most muscle cars that could offer 400 horsepower to drop to only a little over 200Read More

Alfa Romeo Racing Returns to the Track

Alfa Romeo Racing Returns to the Track

Posted on December 1, 2018

  Around the world, Formula One racing is one of the most highly regarded types of racing with the fastest and most aerodynamic cars in the sport. These cars have been built in such a way as to make them stick to the ground even though the power from the engine is enough to send one of these cars up off the track like a plane leaving the runway. This racing series is the international pinnacle of racing and nowRead More