Dependability Matters for Your Drive


There’s an annual study done by JD Power to give us a list of the most dependable vehicles and brands offered on the market.

The brands that will give you the most dependable models after three years of ownership in a variety of categories. These categories include Exterior, Interior, Seats, Engine/Transmission, Driving Experience, Audio/Navigation, and Controls/Displays. The study measures the number of problems per 100 vehicles and ranks them based on that number. If you’re wondering which one of the brands you should choose so that you can have the drive you’re looking for, this is the list you should consider.


As a brand that offers us a long list of attractive sedans and SUVs the Kia brand is one that was ranked higher in the past but now finds itself in tenth place. Even so, tenth place is pretty good and the Kia brand has a score of 126 on the dependability scale. You’re likely to find an excellent model for your drive when you turn to this brand.


Another Korean brand that dropped out of some of the higher positions from last year is Hyundai. This brand is tied for eighth on the list with a score of 124. This score is actually better than last year, but the competition was able to score even higher to give us a list of strong brands to choose from.


The Audi brand tied with Hyundai with 124 PP100 to give you a brand that you know you can enjoy. This brand wasn’t part of the top ten last year, but now it’s in the eighth spot. Knowing this, you can easily choose an Audi and have a luxury sedan or SUV that will give you the features and the comfort you’re looking for.


Known for the athletic luxury vehicles that have the most impressive driving dynamics on the road, the BMW brand is where you can find everything you’re looking for. This is also a brand you can trust as a dependable name with a score of 122 for the 2019 model year. This is an improvement in the score compared to last year.


The MINI brand might be a surprise on this list, but it has proved itself to be a brand that you can look to when you want a dependable model. Coming in at sixth on the list with a score of 119, you can find the right small car or small SUV to drive from this brand and enjoy the fun and experience offered when you head out on the road.


The premium brand of Buick has been one of the brands that we admire and enjoy more than any other. This brand has made its way to the fifth spot on the list and it comes in with a score of 118 to give us the amazing dependability we want when it’s time for the drive out on the road.


Another surprise on this list is the Chevrolet brand which has been one of the most popular and affordable brands on the market. Particularly their SUV models, like the Chevy Equinox and Traverse. The score of 115 for this year propels this brand to the fourth spot on the list of the most dependable brands that you can enjoy when it’s time to drive.


When it comes to the most dependable brands in the mainstream models, Toyota has been at or near the top of this list for a long time. The Toyota brand is in a tie for second with a score of 108 to give us one of the most dependable brands that you can choose from when you want a car, truck, minivan, or SUV to drive.


You shouldn’t be shocked by the fact that Porsche makes it near the top of this list, what might surprise you is the fact that Porsche and Toyota are tied. This brand has been offering us the sports cars we love for a long time and now it also offers us the dependability that makes sense for us to have the drive we desire.


If eight years in a row is a tradition, then Lexus is the traditional winner of this competition. The score that Lexus received this year is 99, which is better than last year and keeps the brand firmly at the top of the heap when it comes to the dependability you want.

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