Camping – Ford Offers More Fun for Campers

Ford Offers More Fun for Campers

We love to talk about and see the different patents that automakers file with the US Patent Office to see what these companies are thinking about making to offer consumers more of what they want. Ford offers more fun for campers with a variety of patents that give us a long list of great features that make every journey more enjoyable. One of the most recent patents offered will be one that will take you off the beaten path on your next camping trip.

Camping is Fun, But…

Those of us that love to spend a lot to live like a homeless person and commune with nature while camping understands the difficulty experienced most of the time when trying to change clothes. Most tents that you choose won’t be tall enough for the average person to stand up and get dressed, which leaves a lot to be desired when it’s time to change at night or during the day. Unless you’re a contortionist, you’ve got to find a place to change or plan to squat and put on clothes, both of which can be difficult for you.

A Solution to Changing While You Camp

Whether you’re out for a camping trip on the weekend or enjoying one that will last an entire week, you need to have a great place to change when you’re out in the wilderness. Ford has come up with a privacy screen that can be attached to a curtain rod that’s built into the tailgate of your SUV like the Ford Edge. This curtain can offer you the privacy you need to be able to change into your bathing suit or to the clothes for the next day.

More of a Solution Than Just for Camping

The filing of this patent offers us more than just a privacy curtain for you to change behind. Ford is proposing the curtain could be used as an awning to extend the length of your Ford Truck tailgate and provide a great way for you to enjoy the fun of a tailgate weekend at the game. With a pair of rods that can be used to support the end of the curtain, a structure is built to make it easy for you to have a great place to have the covering you need and stay out of the weather you find wherever you go camping.

Not only is this curtain feature filed in the patent that’s been suggested it’s also expected to offer a photoluminescent structure that will make it possible for you to have the curtain/awning area illuminated throughout the evening and into the wee hours of the morning. Hopefully, this impressive feature will make its way to some of the Ford SUVs that we see in the future, especially the new Ford Bronco that we’ve been looking forward to for a while. We won’t know for sure until we see the future of the Ford lineup, but it’s interesting to think about how this feature can be ideal for you to enjoy when you head out into the wilderness.

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